Thursday, March 29, 2007

Day 46 - Gassy night

I'm not sure what I ate, but poor Little Elvis had a bad night last night.

How long does it take what I eat to get into my breast milk and through to him?

I had rice Tuesday night. I am very mildly allergic to rice (it breaks out my skin and occasionally makes my stomach hurt.) I know rice is supposed to be his first solid, so I thought I'd see if he could take rice. He seemed fine Tuesday night and Wednesday.

Then I had Indian food last night. I fed him shortly after eating and about an hour after that he started crying incontrollably. My softly rubbing his belly seemed to help.

Do you think it was the rice from two nights ago or the Indian food from an hour before? As of right now, I plan to avoid both. I felt so guilty while he cried, because whichever food it was, it was my fault.


Blogger Dawn said...

Hi there - they have baby gas drops that are very safe for babies that you could try. I've read that it takes about 6 hours for what you eat/drink to get into the breastmilk, but I think it all depends on your metabolism. I seriously doubt it was the rice OR the indian food, but maybe something from ealier in the day. I've also read that very *very* little of what we eat/drink even winds up in the breastmilk, so not to blame the broccoli/etc. if the baby's gassy... but it's hard not to , and especially hard not to feel guilty for it. I had corned beef & cabbage for a few days this month, and it didn't seem to affect Zach, so I'm not sure what to believe, but I give him some gas drops if I think something will be a problem anyways. :)

6:31 AM  
Blogger melonhead said...

I've used Mylicon (sp?) drops with Jackie when she had gas issues & it seemed to work. Also, you probably should stay away from the Indian food (btw - there is a really good Indian restaurant nearby) b/c I remember my pediatrician mentioning to stay away from spicy foods when breastfeeding. Of course in my case, I ignored her and ate what I wanted anyways:)

1:23 PM  
Blogger Pregnantly Plump said...

Thanks for the advice! We have some gas medicine. I'll have to use it next time.
I seriously hope that little of what we eat gets into breast milk because I love black beans and have been doing without.

12:16 PM  

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