Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Coupons, winds and the cats make shopping scary

I am still calming down after a scary trip to the grocery store.

It was my first driving trip alone with Little Elvis. I got him into the car fine and it seemed to be going well, when I realized halfway to the grocery store that I had left the coupons and canvas bag at home.

The coupons were about to expire and were my main reason for going today, because it's super windy and I'd rather not get out in the crazy wind.

I turned around and ran into get the coupons and thought I had shut the door securely behind me.

The grocery store trip took longer than expected -- damn those coupons! -- and when I finally returned our front door was wide open, Wally was sitting on the front porch eating a blade of grass and Slappy was in the doorway.

I shut off the ignition, locked the car (since baby was in it) and scooped up Wally before he could run. Thank God it was Wally, our fat cat, because I knew I wouldn't be able to catch Slappy.

I put him on the couch, slammed the door shut and got Little Elvis and the groceries out of the car.

My heart was hammering in my chest because I had almost lost our cats. It's windy and chilly and they don't have front claws. This a dog heavy neighborhood. It could have been really bad.

I was calling Bob and opened the door to click the lock button on our car when Slappy ran out of the house!

She ran into the flower bushes and refused to come out. Bob answered the phone to me whining and cussing and begging Slappy to get out of the flower bed.

I was finally able to grab an arm and yank her into the house.

Now she is meowing loudly at the door, trying to get me to let her out again.

All I wanted was to save money on cheese and cereal.... The good news is that Little Elvis slept through all the craziness.


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