Sunday, April 15, 2007

Day 63 - Saying goodbye to family

My mom spent the weekend with us. I love it when she and my dad come for visits. It's nice to have help with Little Elvis and it's so great to see how much they love him.

I had been looking forward to the visit all week -- there were a couple of long days where finding time to eat was difficult.

I also dread when they come though, because saying goodbye is so difficult. And I was really bad this time -- I started crying Saturday night and she wasn't even leaving until Sunday afternoon.

I feel so guilty that they can't see him (or us) as often as we would like.

This time my mom and I just cried as it neared time for her to leave. We didn't say anything, which is good because I would have cried harder.

We're going home for a visit in May, and they'll get lots of Little Elvis time. I'm sure I'll cry again when we have to leave.

Do you any of you experience this?


Blogger Dawn said...

I hate leaving my parents too - we only live 3-1/2 hrs away, but it sucks that they don't get to see my kids as often as they should.

2:50 PM  

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