Monday, April 23, 2007

Day 70 - Spit up concerns cont'd

Earlier this month I wrote about my concerns over the amount of milk Little Elvis has been spitting up.

Well, we called the doctor's office today over it.

After practically every feeding today he spewed milk... lots of it. Each of us went through multiple outfits, and the couch and carpet even got in on the action.

Little Elvis was in fine spirits and was going to the bathroom regularly, but I was worried.

The doctor said as long as he was acting normally and going normally he should be fine.

We'll probably be charged for making a non-emergent call on a weekend, but the peace of mind will be worth it.


Blogger Ashley said...

Caileigh is a major spitter upper. I change bibs or outfits all day long. The worst is after the first feeding of the day when I have the most milk and it tends to come out projectile style. They usually outgrow it around 6 months........I'm hoping! LOL

8:16 PM  

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