Monday, April 30, 2007

Day 77 - Between a rock and a hard place

We participated in a community yard sale today (Saturday.) Honestly, I was worried about overstimulation, but Little Elvis did a great job.

He slept for most of it and was very cute. He did pout at a couple of women who were getting into his face, but calmed down when I put him back in his stroller.

Then, at about 1, he had had enough. He got fussy, so I changed his diaper. That did nothing but make him more angry. He started his "My mommy is the meanest mommy in the whole world cry." Do you know this cry? He has to take big gulps of air to get the appropriate feeling behind his wails. His chin quivers and his face turns bright red.

Since we had walked the two blocks to the sale, we had to walk those blocks back home in the stroller before I could appropriately calm him down.

I wasn't embarrassed by the crying (most of the people there were parents), but I was conflicted -- I really wanted to scoop him up to calm him, but I also needed to get him home as quickly as possible. Scooping him out of the stroller would take precious seconds, so I opted to push him as quickly as possible while singing "Row, row, row your boat" (the only song I could think of.)

After about 5 minutes, we were home and I was finally able to scoop him out of his chair. Immediately the cries stopped and he gave me an almost smile.


Blogger Dawn said...

One of the things we've noticed about having our 3rd is that when we don't answer his cries right away, he's managed to soothe himself much better than the others did - something to think about :)

3:07 PM  

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