Thursday, May 03, 2007

Day 82 - Big trip nerves

Little Elvis and I head out to Mississippi early tomorrow morning, and I'm nervous. It's my first time flying with him, and I'll be by myself. The hour long wait before boarding currently has me most worried, although packing is quickly rising up the list.

I'm trying to pack just one big bag for check in (my mom took most of Little Elvis' clothes during her last visit) and a diaper bag -- for a 2 week trip! And since he's starting to sit up, the Bumbo needs to go with us (along with a foldable diaper changing thing, his medicines -- Baby Tylenol, Advil and gas medicines -- and baby first aid kit and shoes.)

Then there are the cameras and computer. I can't check those and they aren't fitting in the diaper bag, and how will I get the computer out of the bag when Little Elvis is Snugli-ed to my chest and I'm barefoot? (I hate taking off my shoes at the airport!)

The good news is that my breastfeeding cape has been made -- "I don't stare while you're eating" has won in the polls, although it was close. It's in the diaper bag, which is pretty much ready except for my change of shirt. I packed it tight though, so I will have to do some major digging to find anything.

In lieu of a stroller, I'm opting to just Snugli him around until we board the plane. My parents have a car seat and stroller waiting for him in Mississippi. This pretty much means I am going to try not to go to the bathroom and can't feed him until we're seated on the plane. It's a bear getting him and out of the Snugli and I'm not just going to hand him over to anyone.

So these are just some of my traveling with an infant worries. I'm sure I haven't even scratched the surface. Any advice?


Blogger Dawn said...

ok, I don't know how but I managed to not get you added to my google reader, so I've been totally out of the loop for like days and days! Thanks for still visiting & commenting on my blog and I promise to catch up with you guys while you're gone :) Have a great, safe trip!

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