Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Day 84 - Too many people for one Little Elvis

Little Elvis' day of travel went so well, but he was a little stressed about meeting all of my family (actually just most of my family) all at once.

My parents invited relatives from both sides for a cook out so everyone could see him. He normally gets a diet of just mom and dad, so all of those people were quite a shock for his little system.

We went up for a feeding when just one set of my grandparents were here and came back to the whole family. He was shocked and cried for a bit as all of the new faces stared into his.

He quickly got over it and seemed fine letting all the women and one uncle hold him. When it got to be too much again, my dad took him back to their bedroom and they napped together.

Turns out my dad is really good at getting Little Elvis to sleep.


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