Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Day 86 - Little Elvis does not like walks

This is a new one. At home he seemed to really like his walks in the stroller. Sometimes they put him to sleep, but others he would stay awake and watch the world pass by.

He has not liked walks since we got to Mississippi. Maybe it's the stroller my parents got? It's bigger and much easier to push, so the ride isn't nearly as jerky.

Maybe it's the roads, which are in much better condition?

What about the temperature, which is warmer and more humid?

Who knows? We've attempted walks three times, and all have ended with us running across yards to try to get back to the house as quickly as possible as Little Elvis wailed in misery.

For the first walk it had been 2 hours since his last feeding, so we were pushing it. For the second, just one hour and he was in great spirits before we headed out. For the third one he had fed just an hour before and it was a whopper of a meal.

My dad said for the next one they would get all the walking stuff ready while I fed and we'd head out right after his meal. Maybe that will work...


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