Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Day 87 - Growth spurt blues

My poor father, Little Elvis was apparently going through a growth spurt last night and cried everytime I handed him over to my father.

It didn't dawn on me that it was growth spurt time until the second time he did this.

I should have been clued in after our last walk. He fed for a really long time before that walk and got fussy with me when I tried to burp him or switch breasts.

After the walk, about an hour and a half after his huge meal, I had to feed him again. He slurped like he hadn't eaten in weeks and stared at me with tear-shining eyes.

When he finished that meal, which was also pretty long, I took him to my father. Ten minutes later my dad brought a wailing Little Elvis back. Again, I fed him and again he gave me that "How could you take so long to feed me?" stare. Again, I took him to my dad.

This time he cried the minute I handed him over. (It had been all of 5 minutes since he finished feeding.) We tried several different sleeping positions and burping, but I finally took him back to attempt to feed him and realized that he is 12 weeks and due for a growth spurt. We fed, he finally slept and I didn't move him.

Poor dad. I think the need for constant feeding is now over, so hopefully he'll get to spend lots of time with his happy grandson.

My poor dad. It defin


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