Thursday, May 10, 2007

Day 89 - How do I choose?

We had more professional pictures of Little Elvis made -- this is an addictive habit. He did really well and I really liked the photographer (anyone who gushes about how beautiful he is is tops in my book.)

He posed really well and even created a couple of poses.

Then came the hard part, choosing which pictures I wanted and in what size. Honestly I wanted them all, they were all great in my opinion.

"Yes, he may have been blinking in that one, but look at how cute his eyelids are."

"Those spit bubbles make that picture even more adorable."

Ok, I didn't really get to say those two comments, because she got rid of the "bad" ones before I got to see them.

Still, I had to choose between a sweet smile or an adorable surprised look. I had to make had decisions like that for each pose -- it was worse than a visit to the eye doctor.

I questioned every decision and had to look to my mom for approval of them all, and she ended up walking away leaving me to decide for myself.

I hope I don't regret my choices. Is choosing pictures this difficult for anyone else?


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