Monday, May 21, 2007

Day 92 - Don't interrupt the feedings!

Some acquaintances of my mom's came by the cabin today, and Little Elvis had just started his feeding -- which can take a while.

We stayed in the guest bedroom with the door closed, but when it sounded like they were leaving, I decided to take him down so mom could show him off.

This was not the best idea. He was kind of stunned when I took him down to see them. Then he realized that I wasn't just changing locations and he wasn't going to get to finish his meal and he started crying.

I tried to soothe him, but he wasn't happy with me. So, back up we went. He literally ate for three more minutes and was completely satisfied.

We made our way back down and her company got to see a very happy little boy.

And I learned a very valuable lesson -- don't interrupt the feedings to show off the baby.


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