Monday, May 21, 2007

Day 93 -- Happy Mother's Day!

It was a happy Mother's Day. I was seriously worried, though.

Little Elvis refused to sleep much last night. I kept telling him that Sunday was my special day and he should be nice, but he did not want to sleep.

Well, he made up for that today.

My mom and I went to church while my dad watched Little Elvis. He didn't get fussy!

We then took him to the local Gum Tree Festival, the flea market and to my mom's parents' house. (There was a stop in between for a feeding.)

He didn't cry, and only was a little fussy when we took him out of his stroller to show him to a friend of my father's at the flea market.

Bob also made me a special Mother's Day shirt with a picture of Little Elvis on it. I wore my shirt and my parents wore their Little Elvis shirts that we made them. I'm sure we looked like those families that wear matching outfits at theme parks, but we were proud of our little guy.

I hope you guys all had a happy Mother's Day.


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