Monday, May 21, 2007

Day 96 - No sleep for Little Elvis

Little Elvis hasn't slept much since we've been in Mississippi. He slept really well the first night and he slept well the night we were at the cabin, but other than that he hasn't slept much.

In fact, he's refusing to sleep. He gets tired and then upset when we try to rock him to sleep. It can take us up to two hours to get him to actually sleep and sometimes he'll wake up just 30 minutes later ready and raring to go.

I read that babies his age are supposed to sleep 14-15 hours. He definitely isn't getting anywhere near that. He seems fine, though. He's happy when he's not being forced to sleep. I think tomorrow I'm not going to spend most of the day trying to make the poor baby sleep. I will ask the doctor about this at his next appointment.

Do your babies get the recommended amount of sleep? If so, what are you doing? Please share!


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