Thursday, May 31, 2007

Dreams of pierced ears

I really don't feel like I've dreamed much sense Little Elvis arrived. I used to have wild dreams and remember them in pretty intricate detail. Bob was always impressed with that. But recently I haven't been dreaming, or not getting enough sleep to remember those dreams.

The other night I had a doozy, though.

I dreamed that one of my really nice uncles and my grandmother took Little Elvis to Wal-Mart and got his ear pierced! Twice! And then they took the studs out thinking I wouldn't notice the two holes in each ear.

I was pissed! I screamed at Bob for thinking the incident was funny. Then yelled at my mom for telling me to chill out.

I basically ran around yelling at everyone in the house -- telling them that he was MY baby and I did NOT want his ears pierced.

Then I woke up.

Let me just tell you that my uncle and grandmother would NEVER pierce Little Elvis' ears, even with my permission. And although Bob is pretty laid back, I can't imagine him finding that funny. And I won't even begin to consider what my mother would actually do if that happened.

Anyone else have nutty dreams like this?


Anonymous Dawn said...

lol poor little elvis!

I, too, don't sleep long enough to get to dream stage, but I've had a couple of hit & run dreams... I wake up thinking "Did I just dream that?"

One was a sexy dream about a celebrity, but I can't remember WHO it was LOL

One was about hubby's family, but again, I can't remember the specifics.

I'm not sure I am glad about that lol

Oh, and be sure to come visit me at my new location and check out the new digs!

1:01 PM  
Blogger Pregnantly Plump said...

Sounds like your dreams are a whole lot more fun than mine!

10:09 PM  
Blogger The Frog Princess said...

I haven't had any dreams about pierced ears, but, just for the record, if anyone THINKS about touching my Tadpole's ears without my permission then they better have their will updated because my response will be ugly to say the least!

1:01 PM  

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