Saturday, June 30, 2007

A very brave baby

Friday was a big day for our little guy -- his actual four-month doctor's appointment. (I mistakenly showed up at the office last week, only to find out it was this week.)

We showed up anxious and excited -- leary of the dreaded boosters, but looking forward to asking questions, getting exact measurements and finding out if we could start rice cereal.

The measurements and questions went really well -- he weighed in at 18 pounds, 2 ounces and he's 26 3/4 inches long and he can start rice cereal-- but the examination results ended up making our day longer and more stressful than expected.

Little Elvis was showing off all his talents for the doctor -- rolling over, talking, smiling, flirting, (she's a very cute doctor) and offering his solution for world peace (ok, I made that one up.) Then she started working his hip flexors. She worked these repeatedly and then told us she wanted us to get them X-rayed. She heard a clicking noise and wanted to check it out.

She went into more of an explanation, but it didn't register with me. She wanted my sweet little kicking king to get his hips X-rayed? Bob didn't seem worried by her explanation, but as soon as she left our exam room I started fretting.

We get news like that and then the nurse comes in with that tray of shots. I tried to stand back and let Bob be the bad guy while Little Elvis endured the shots, but the nurse said I should be the one to stand over him and look into his eyes.

I leaned over my sweet baby's face and he grimaced slightly during the first shot and then just stared at me. He didn't cry at all during the first two shots. But he had had enough by the time she got to the third one and he started wailing. He calmed down really quickly when they let me pick him up, though.

The nurse and doctor were so impressed that he didn't cry during the first two shots.

Fast forward to later in the day as we're getting the X-rays. Our little guy has been a trooper through the day and took a nice nap on his daddy during my haircut appointment. He was so patient in waiting rooms that we laid him on his changing mat on the floor in the last one and let him kick.

We figured he would continue his kicking during the X-ray, but when the time came he must have instinctively known to lie still. We got the X-rays done in one take.

What a brave little boy.

I'm trying to match his bravery and not worry too much because Bob and the doctor don't seem too worried, but I am planning on calling the doctor the first thing Monday morning.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Love me some hugs

Little Elvis is now more than 19 weeks old, and with each day he amazes me more. One of our (ok, probably my) favorite things to do now is hug.

We have three different types of hugs, and they are all good.

1. When I'm attempting to burp him and he's wide awake, looking over my shoulder at whatever interesting thing is behind us -- typically our cat Wally. He usually pushes his head back with his little arms and stands at attention. I take this as my cue to give him a good hug.

2. He's been crying in his car seat or crib and I have just picked him up. He's upset and I hold him upright and cuddle him. This calms his cries to hiccups and I feel magical (and guilty -- I hate those cries!)

3. He is almost asleep after a feeding and I'm burping him. He usually lays his little head on my shoulder and sighs. I give him a soft hug before putting him in his crib. This one is probably my favorite, because it's the sweetest and we are both at our most content.

I'm trying to enjoy my special hugs now, because I know when he's older hugging his mother will be the last thing he wants to do. I'm glad that he allows me all the hugs I want right now.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Don't put your finger in my son's mouth!

Ok, I've been stewing a little over an incident that happened on Sunday.

I've been taking Little Elvis to the "big" services at church (that's what I called them when I was little and I have blanked on the actual name for them, the services that come after Sunday school.)

I keep him in his car seat and he sleeps, or gets chatty and I take him to the crying room. He typically gets chatty during a prayer, but it doesn't seem to bother anyone and I usually get us out of the sanctuary pretty quickly.

On Sunday we were situated in our spot at the end of the pew and Little Elvis was wide awake. A little girl and her brother (I assume) were sitting by their mom in front of us. The little girl was very interested in Little Elvis and was touching his feet and letting him hold her finger. This didn't bother me.

Then the boy got involved -- he was tapping my baby on the top of his head (I had to brush his hands away) and kept trying to stick his fingers in my baby's mouth!! Seriously! This boy had to be 9 or 10 and should know better, especially when I have to say, "Don't put your finger in his mouth!"

He kept trying though. And his mom just sat there with her back to me and let her grubby son keep attempting to stick his grubby fingers in Little Elvis' mouth. And I have a right to say grubby, because this boy's hair hadn't been brushed in days and who knows how long it had been since his last hand washing.

I bowed my head for the prayer and happened to glance to the side and swipe away his fingers right before they entered my sweetie's little mouth.

Finally Little Elvis started talking at the end of the prayer and I took it as my excuse to hightail it out of there.

Now, don't you think this mom should have kept her son's grubby fingers away from my baby? I have my hands full with my baby and didn't appreciate having to keep my eyes on some kid with wild hair and dirty fingers.

I asked a friend who has three sons and she said she would have definitely kept her sons' hands away from my angel's mouth. I now feel more justified in my pissyness.

Grrr!!! Rant is over and I will now get off of my soapbox.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Stroller envy

I've decided that our stroller is subpar and I really want the ones that I see other parents pushing.

Our stroller isn't bad, but it isn't "cool" either. I keep seeing all these parents with high tech strollers with bright orange or green detailing everywhere (meaning Babies R Us) and I am covetous! I decided to find out more about the stroller I want and it's called the Joovy Caboose Stand-On Tandem Stroller. With a $150 price tag, I'm guessing we won't get it. It sure is cool, though.

Little Elvis is a cool baby and he needs a cool stroller to match his coolness.

I'm calling these crazy feelings stroller envy. I wonder if I will have other types of stroller envy as he gets older, but I can't see myself salivating over tricycles or play yards -- at least I hope I don't.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Doctor's appointment confusion

Well, the four month doctor's appointment wasn't nearly as bad as I anticipated. Why? Because we showed up for the appointment a week early!

Here I've been dreading this appointment for a week, and I was all prepared for those shots.

We got up early and I dressed Little Elvis in a froggy outfit -- complete with hat -- and I drove us to the office all proud of myself for getting us there with 5 minutes to spare.

After I signed him in and got us settled, the poor receptionist came over and told me that I was early, a week early, and she couldn't squeeze us in today.

Normally something like this would really embarrass me, but I just smiled and apologized for the confusion. She wrote me another appointment card and kept apologizing. I hightailed it out of there as fast as I could with Little Elvis in his car seat.

The good news is Little Elvis and I had a really fun day without fussiness from shots, and Bob will be able to make next week's appointment. The bad news is that now I have to keep adding to my anxiety for another week. Oh well.

Is there a growth spurt at 18 weeks?

I'm hoping so, because Little Elvis has become quite the eater. It's been on and off, though. On Monday night he woke up three times for feedings, which is unusual since we finally got him to start sleeping at night.

He also wanted to eat a lot more than usual on Tuesday.

Then on Wednesday, he was back to regular. But on Thursday, he wanted to eat as often as possible.

His four month doctor's appointment is Friday (I know, I've been dreading those shots for a week now) and I'm going to ask the doctor about it then.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Rolling over and getting stuck

Little Elvis has been rolling from his back to his tummy and he's not happy about it. He mainly does this during his sleep and ends up waking up on his stomach confused and unhappy.

I've been going in and changing his diaper and feeding him, but I wondering if I should just roll him back on his back -- any thoughts?

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Daddy's Day

It's a special day in our household. Not only is it Daddy's day, but it's also Little Elvis' dedication day. So Bob's dad and my parents were here to watch our little guy get dedicated in church.

Little Elvis was really good for the dedication and he's been good for his daddy today. Actually, he's been good all weekend.

In honor of Father's Day, we decided to have Daddy, Little Elvis pictures made. Since we are a pretty cheap family, we opted for Wal-Mart. We needed to go there and they had a deal.

The Wal-Mart picture woman knew what she was doing, because although our little guy was tired, she got one of his huge dimpled, open-mouth grins out of him, and she caught it on camera! Bob was smiling too, and they were in front of a baseball diamond background. It will be a great pic and I can't wait to pick it up.

Little Elvis also went down at night really well the past two nights and slept six hours before waking up.

If those aren't good Daddy's Day gifts, then I don't know what is.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

So, who does he look like?

I usually assume when people ask me who he looks like that means Little Elvis doesn't look like me.

Honestly, he looks like both of us did as babies. Bob says he looks like Little Elvis. I think he has some of each of our features, which makes me happy.

His hair looks like it will be light brown, which he would get from both of us.

But his eyes, eyebrows and eyelashes look like Bob's. He looks like he'll have nice, thick eyebrows; beautiful, long eyelashes (don't all men and boys?) and brown eyes.

I think he'll have my nose and chin, but his lips also look like Bob's.

I think next time someone asks, I'll say he got the best of both of us.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Nine hour sleep!

Little Elvis slept for 9 hours on Friday night! Nine! We were shocked when we woke up on our own.

When I went in to look at him, he had rolled himself to his tummy. He woke up shortly after that confused and unhappy to be on his belly.

It didn't last long, he slept for 5 hours and then 4 1/2 more on Saturday night, which is also really good.

Maybe we do have a little sleeper -- he's just been hiding.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Belly laughs

Little Elvis laughs! He's kind of done a bit of a giggle before, but yesterday I found a way to get a nice long laugh out of him, and as with everything else about him, it's the cutest sound in the world.

How did I get him to laugh? Well, I need to exercise. My belly jiggles like Santa Claus', so I decided to prop him on my stomach and do some crunches yesterday.

Apparently, in Little Elvis' world, Mommy doing sit ups is hilarious! It's the funniest thing he's ever seen. He laughed as soon as I started! I was so shocked I stopped mid sit up and stared at him. He continued to smile his huge dimply smile, all proud of himself.

Immediately I called Bob, and promised to attempt to get the giggle monster back that evening when he got home.

Well, we tried it again and he laughed again! We attempted to get it on camera, but Bob's not sure it recorded. Hopefully my sit ups are still as funny this evening and we'll put up the video.

If this isn't incentive to lose the jelly belly, I don't know what is.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Little Elvis meets the "King"

When we went down south last month, we made a detour to Memphis so Little Elvis could meet his nickname sake.

It takes a talented baby to make a bib look better than a gold suit, don't you think?

A hairy weekend

It's been a hair-raising weekend for out little family.

Little Elvis' peach fuzz is growing. It's a little longer and very sweet. It looks like it will be light brown.

My hair is starting to fall out some. I read that that would happen after giving birth, but I thought I was immune -- because it hadn't happened yet, and because my hair didn't get all super shiny or grow a lot during the pregnancy. It's not falling out by the handful, but it is coming out a lot more. Little Elvis can grip my hair now and he's helping it come out. I keep finding strands on him. Poor little guy.

The cats are also shedding like crazy. I spent ten minutes brushing Slappy the other day and after throwing away two brushfuls of fur I went to pet her and still pulled off a handful of fur.

Neither of those are real "issues" though. Bob is the true one with hair issues.

We are both extremely cheap, and a few months ago Bob thought it would be a good idea if I started cutting his hair. We've had three haircuts so far and trust me, I won't be trying out for "Shear Genius" anytime soon.

My dad was in town for his second haircut and he helped. I told him Bob had a cowlick and we shouldn't cut the top part so short, but he got a little carried away and Bob had a kind of shelf in the back of his head for weeks!

It took me a while to get my courage up to try my hand at his hair again, but it was getting really long, so this weekend I broke out the scissors.

Halfway through I asked, "Do men typically go bald on the sides of their heads above their ears?"

He said they didn't and laughed. (I'm so glad he's cheaper than he is vain.) I was committed at that point and had to do the other side in the same way, or as close to the same way as I could get.

It's not awful. He's not walking around looking Moe from the "Three Stooges," but it's not what I had pictured in mind before I started cutting. I don't think anyone who doesn't work with hair would notice it that much, but anyone who does is probably wondering what he paid for such a haircut -- good thing he got it for free!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Naps, naps galore!

We had an awful night Thursday night. Just awful. I'm not sure how much sleep any of us got, but it wasn't much.

We had just gotten the book, Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child / Your Fussy Baby by Dr. Marc Weissbluth, but I hadn't read enough to have any idea about what to do.

I'm one of those start at the beginning and read through to the end people, even when reading magazines. Bob isn't. So by 6 Friday morning, he was jumping all around the book trying to find some info that would help us.

I was trying to sleep since I had a doctor's appointment at 9, but Little Elvis would not stop crying so I went into the den to soothe him. Bob was in the kitchen and couldn't stop me.

When I leaned over into the bassinet, our sweet little baby stopped fussing and smiled at me. I talked to him and put my hand on his chest. I'm pretty sure this little encounter frustrated Bob to no end. He had been intentionally not soothing Little Elvis for about 10 minutes, and I derailed all his efforts.

We ended up reading parts of the book out loud to each other while I fed Little Elvis -- he finally went to sleep!! -- and got ready for the appointment. We ended up deciding to try the suggestions, because it made a lot of sense to our sleep deprived brains.

Little Elvis slept for more than an hour while I was at my appointment, which is a huge accomplishment because he typically seems to hate naps.

He woke up in a good mood and played with Bob until I got back. We knew we were supposed to put him down 2 hours after waking and had put him in his swing for the preparation. He's still a little iffy with the swing, but he fell asleep within minutes and slept for two and a half hours!! We continued with the 2 hour thing and he did well, with 30 minute or so naps the rest of the afternoon.

By evening he was well-rested, and we had also had some cat naps.

Then we attempted to put him down at 7 that evening and he freaked out. We ended up going to him after 20 minutes to do a "soothing ritual" and his tears had soaked a circle around his little head. My heart ached as I wiped his face dry and tried to calm him down.

We gave him a bath, fed him, and Bob swayed with him. Then we put a drowzy baby in the crib.

He wasn't drowzy for long, but we had decided to follow the extinction method, so we couldn't soothe him. For 45 minutes we tried not to hear his cries and finally it was quiet. We did not hear a peep out of him for 7 hours! I even had a chance to pump some.

He slept for two more hours after eating!

I'm not going to lie, he didn't sleep as well today, and he cried for more than an hour this evening, (which is supposed to be normal) but I'm hopeful that this advice just might make our little night owl a good sleeper.