Monday, June 04, 2007

A hairy weekend

It's been a hair-raising weekend for out little family.

Little Elvis' peach fuzz is growing. It's a little longer and very sweet. It looks like it will be light brown.

My hair is starting to fall out some. I read that that would happen after giving birth, but I thought I was immune -- because it hadn't happened yet, and because my hair didn't get all super shiny or grow a lot during the pregnancy. It's not falling out by the handful, but it is coming out a lot more. Little Elvis can grip my hair now and he's helping it come out. I keep finding strands on him. Poor little guy.

The cats are also shedding like crazy. I spent ten minutes brushing Slappy the other day and after throwing away two brushfuls of fur I went to pet her and still pulled off a handful of fur.

Neither of those are real "issues" though. Bob is the true one with hair issues.

We are both extremely cheap, and a few months ago Bob thought it would be a good idea if I started cutting his hair. We've had three haircuts so far and trust me, I won't be trying out for "Shear Genius" anytime soon.

My dad was in town for his second haircut and he helped. I told him Bob had a cowlick and we shouldn't cut the top part so short, but he got a little carried away and Bob had a kind of shelf in the back of his head for weeks!

It took me a while to get my courage up to try my hand at his hair again, but it was getting really long, so this weekend I broke out the scissors.

Halfway through I asked, "Do men typically go bald on the sides of their heads above their ears?"

He said they didn't and laughed. (I'm so glad he's cheaper than he is vain.) I was committed at that point and had to do the other side in the same way, or as close to the same way as I could get.

It's not awful. He's not walking around looking Moe from the "Three Stooges," but it's not what I had pictured in mind before I started cutting. I don't think anyone who doesn't work with hair would notice it that much, but anyone who does is probably wondering what he paid for such a haircut -- good thing he got it for free!


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