Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Love me some hugs

Little Elvis is now more than 19 weeks old, and with each day he amazes me more. One of our (ok, probably my) favorite things to do now is hug.

We have three different types of hugs, and they are all good.

1. When I'm attempting to burp him and he's wide awake, looking over my shoulder at whatever interesting thing is behind us -- typically our cat Wally. He usually pushes his head back with his little arms and stands at attention. I take this as my cue to give him a good hug.

2. He's been crying in his car seat or crib and I have just picked him up. He's upset and I hold him upright and cuddle him. This calms his cries to hiccups and I feel magical (and guilty -- I hate those cries!)

3. He is almost asleep after a feeding and I'm burping him. He usually lays his little head on my shoulder and sighs. I give him a soft hug before putting him in his crib. This one is probably my favorite, because it's the sweetest and we are both at our most content.

I'm trying to enjoy my special hugs now, because I know when he's older hugging his mother will be the last thing he wants to do. I'm glad that he allows me all the hugs I want right now.


Anonymous Dawn said...

yep, take them while you can! and those gentle ones just before bed are the best! :)

4:26 PM  

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