Saturday, June 02, 2007

Naps, naps galore!

We had an awful night Thursday night. Just awful. I'm not sure how much sleep any of us got, but it wasn't much.

We had just gotten the book, Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child / Your Fussy Baby by Dr. Marc Weissbluth, but I hadn't read enough to have any idea about what to do.

I'm one of those start at the beginning and read through to the end people, even when reading magazines. Bob isn't. So by 6 Friday morning, he was jumping all around the book trying to find some info that would help us.

I was trying to sleep since I had a doctor's appointment at 9, but Little Elvis would not stop crying so I went into the den to soothe him. Bob was in the kitchen and couldn't stop me.

When I leaned over into the bassinet, our sweet little baby stopped fussing and smiled at me. I talked to him and put my hand on his chest. I'm pretty sure this little encounter frustrated Bob to no end. He had been intentionally not soothing Little Elvis for about 10 minutes, and I derailed all his efforts.

We ended up reading parts of the book out loud to each other while I fed Little Elvis -- he finally went to sleep!! -- and got ready for the appointment. We ended up deciding to try the suggestions, because it made a lot of sense to our sleep deprived brains.

Little Elvis slept for more than an hour while I was at my appointment, which is a huge accomplishment because he typically seems to hate naps.

He woke up in a good mood and played with Bob until I got back. We knew we were supposed to put him down 2 hours after waking and had put him in his swing for the preparation. He's still a little iffy with the swing, but he fell asleep within minutes and slept for two and a half hours!! We continued with the 2 hour thing and he did well, with 30 minute or so naps the rest of the afternoon.

By evening he was well-rested, and we had also had some cat naps.

Then we attempted to put him down at 7 that evening and he freaked out. We ended up going to him after 20 minutes to do a "soothing ritual" and his tears had soaked a circle around his little head. My heart ached as I wiped his face dry and tried to calm him down.

We gave him a bath, fed him, and Bob swayed with him. Then we put a drowzy baby in the crib.

He wasn't drowzy for long, but we had decided to follow the extinction method, so we couldn't soothe him. For 45 minutes we tried not to hear his cries and finally it was quiet. We did not hear a peep out of him for 7 hours! I even had a chance to pump some.

He slept for two more hours after eating!

I'm not going to lie, he didn't sleep as well today, and he cried for more than an hour this evening, (which is supposed to be normal) but I'm hopeful that this advice just might make our little night owl a good sleeper.


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Great article :)
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