Wednesday, June 13, 2007

So, who does he look like?

I usually assume when people ask me who he looks like that means Little Elvis doesn't look like me.

Honestly, he looks like both of us did as babies. Bob says he looks like Little Elvis. I think he has some of each of our features, which makes me happy.

His hair looks like it will be light brown, which he would get from both of us.

But his eyes, eyebrows and eyelashes look like Bob's. He looks like he'll have nice, thick eyebrows; beautiful, long eyelashes (don't all men and boys?) and brown eyes.

I think he'll have my nose and chin, but his lips also look like Bob's.

I think next time someone asks, I'll say he got the best of both of us.


Blogger Lainey-Paney said...

When Gage was very little, he looked JUST like my husband...I thought.

Then, over time....his eyes looked like my husband, but his nose, mouth, and jawline was just like mine as a baby.

Everybody says now that the older he gets, the more he looks like me.

When I was PG, I always thought my child would have dark brown hair & brown eyes.
Gage has light brown hair & deep olive-like hazel eyes.
Nothing like I thought...

AAaaaand...I look back at pictures over his life so far. I see his face at 2 6 a has changed so much. I mean, I can still see bits & pieces of his current face in the old face (if that makes sense,) but at the time, I couldn't imagine that little face changing & being as developed as it is now...
I hope I was able to describe that...

2:19 PM  
Anonymous Dawn said...

My youngest looks just like his brother & sister did when THEY were babies... but it annoys me when someone says "oh, he looks just like the other two" without giving him any 'props' for just being a beautiful baby.

He looks like HIM, with a little bit of everyone else thrown in for fun :)

2:43 PM  

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