Saturday, June 30, 2007

A very brave baby

Friday was a big day for our little guy -- his actual four-month doctor's appointment. (I mistakenly showed up at the office last week, only to find out it was this week.)

We showed up anxious and excited -- leary of the dreaded boosters, but looking forward to asking questions, getting exact measurements and finding out if we could start rice cereal.

The measurements and questions went really well -- he weighed in at 18 pounds, 2 ounces and he's 26 3/4 inches long and he can start rice cereal-- but the examination results ended up making our day longer and more stressful than expected.

Little Elvis was showing off all his talents for the doctor -- rolling over, talking, smiling, flirting, (she's a very cute doctor) and offering his solution for world peace (ok, I made that one up.) Then she started working his hip flexors. She worked these repeatedly and then told us she wanted us to get them X-rayed. She heard a clicking noise and wanted to check it out.

She went into more of an explanation, but it didn't register with me. She wanted my sweet little kicking king to get his hips X-rayed? Bob didn't seem worried by her explanation, but as soon as she left our exam room I started fretting.

We get news like that and then the nurse comes in with that tray of shots. I tried to stand back and let Bob be the bad guy while Little Elvis endured the shots, but the nurse said I should be the one to stand over him and look into his eyes.

I leaned over my sweet baby's face and he grimaced slightly during the first shot and then just stared at me. He didn't cry at all during the first two shots. But he had had enough by the time she got to the third one and he started wailing. He calmed down really quickly when they let me pick him up, though.

The nurse and doctor were so impressed that he didn't cry during the first two shots.

Fast forward to later in the day as we're getting the X-rays. Our little guy has been a trooper through the day and took a nice nap on his daddy during my haircut appointment. He was so patient in waiting rooms that we laid him on his changing mat on the floor in the last one and let him kick.

We figured he would continue his kicking during the X-ray, but when the time came he must have instinctively known to lie still. We got the X-rays done in one take.

What a brave little boy.

I'm trying to match his bravery and not worry too much because Bob and the doctor don't seem too worried, but I am planning on calling the doctor the first thing Monday morning.


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