Tuesday, July 17, 2007


After seeing several different contests on other blogs, I thought it would be fun to have one of my own.

I've made (and even sold!) a couple of my cheeky breastfeeding capes, which someone suggested I call Hide-n-Feeds.

This means I have an obvious prize for a contest.

So, here's my first attempt at a contest:

What's your worst/best breastfeeding story? Please put it in the comments or write about it in your blog and put the link in comments.

The winner can have her (or his I suppose) choice of sayings on either a pink, blue or bright yellow cape.

The sayings include:

Mom's Diner Open 24 hours
I've got milk
I don't stare while you're eating
I'm a breast man
You looking at me?
Thanks for the mammaries
Breakfast or bust
Baby at work

And I'm thinking about adding Next to the breast IS best.

I don't really have any rules, but Bob and I will pick the best story and announce the winner at the end of July.

This post will be left up for the next few days so more people will see it.

Looking forward to hearing the stories!!


Anonymous Dawn :) said...

Hi Meredith, I'm posting a link to your contest today or tomorrow :)

1:36 PM  
Blogger Pregnantly Plump said...

OK, I'll start. A few weeks ago I was breastfeeding Little Elvis in the bathroom at a Bass Pro store (figured they didn't want me perched up in a ski boat and it was too hot to sit outside.) We were enjoying the spaciousness -- not really -- of the handicapped stall when a woman comes in and starts "ahemming" outside of the stall. All of the others were opened so I thought she needed the stall. I struggled to stand up, incensing my little guy and opened the door. She had a stroller with a toddler and HAD to use my stall. There was a stall without a door and I had seen her with a man who I assume was daddy and was perfectly capable of watching his daughter while mommy relieved herself. This wasn't going to happen. Evil woman just stared at me and my crying hungry baby and I (being the wimp that I am) leaned down with Little Elvis still crying and grabbed the diaper bag and squeezed us into a small stall. This is probably more my fault, but I had evil thoughts about this woman for a while.

4:04 PM  
Blogger Megan said...

I don't really have a bad story about breastfeeding, but I have a milk "incident"! Des and I went away for the weekend sans children and had reservations at the Keg for supper. I was SO excited to have a quiet sup with my spouse. Wouldn't you know it we were seated right beside a crying baby and I leaked ALL through my bra and shirt. When I went to the ladies to try and mop up, I was spraying milk! ARGH!!!

PS: I love the sayings! I don't use a cape, I'm a "bare it all" type of gal, but I'd love a t-shirt! I could even send you one to print. I love all your sayings.. hmm.. hard to choose the best one!

10:35 PM  
Anonymous Dawn said...

Hi again Meredith - I posted mine over at http://dawnandjimmy.us/blog/2007/07/20/oops-another-contest-or-two/


6:18 AM  
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