Monday, July 02, 2007

Feed me Mommy!

Although our doctor's appointment on Friday was a little scary, what with the hip X-rays and all. But there were also some great moments -- mainly that we got to start rice cereal!

We opted not to start on Friday night since he'd had a big day and was still wiped out from his shots.

Finally, on Saturday afternoon, we were ready.

Bob got the camcorder out and we plopped Little Elvis in his high chair and belted him in. He immediately slumped to the side as I turned to get his cereal.

This wasn't his first high chair experience by the way.

I had read last week that I was supposed to sit him in the high chair prior to this big moment so he would be familiar with the chair. Last week I put him in the chair and we stared at each other for a few minutes (probably seconds.) He got bored and I took him out thinking to myself, "He looks so small."

Apparently he was too small. For his big first meal the poor little guy slumped to the side and forward, then he decided that sucking on the tray was preferable to whatever Mommy was trying to put in his mouth. He got a taste of the rice cereal and went right back to the tray. I tried to sit him up again and ended up making him very angry.

Bob turned off the camera and I retrieved our upset little boy. Don't think that stopped us, though. We are a stubborn pair.

Little Elvis quickly calmed down, so we plopped him in his Bumbo and set about feeding him again.

This time went a lot better, until he grabbed the spoon and poked himself on the side of his face.

It was so fun watching him try this new experience, and I can't wait to watch him learn other new things.


Blogger Lainey-Paney said...

what a cutie!

...and, I have a picture from Gage's first time to sit in the highchair.
He looked soooooo small, and sooooo scared!


9:49 AM  

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