Monday, July 30, 2007

Harry Potter celebrates my birthday

No, someone with a lightening bolt on his forehead and glasses did not come by our house to visit.

The release of the latest book just so happened to be on my birthday. This means Bob had a very easy time finding me a birthday present.

We were on vacation during my birthday, so he ordered it on and it was waiting for us when we got home.

Yes, I'm another year older. Not quite sure how I feel about that, but I absolutely loved spending my birthday with my family. It's nice to spend a special day with people who know and care about you. It makes me feel even more guilty about not being around my family more.

Enough about that, onto Harry Potter -- this isn't a spoiler alert. I won't give away any hints. I promise.

Bob and I have read the fifth and sixth books outloud to each other. So we planned to read the seventh and final book outloud as well.

Unfortunately, since I've had a sore throat, Bob had to read the lion's share of this book. I attempted to read several pages and sounded worse and worse with each word.

That's not the fun stuff though. The book was very good, as I expected it to be.

Each night after we stopped reading, I would want to discuss what happened. Bob isn't as into that stuff as I am and since talking hurt, we didn't get too many chances.

I would get angry at Harry or Ron after a chapter and Bob wouldn't, so the conversation would drop. Then I would try to anticipate would happen. Bob would think my predictions were interesting and one actually came true! But our discussions on the book have been minimal, other than to agree that it was great and J.K. Rowling is amazingly creative and talented.

How does this apply to Little Elvis? Well, he may not realize it, but he heard most of the book.

That's not the biggest thing though. Reading this book aloud to each other made me excited for the days when we can read a couple of chapters from a long book to Little Elvis each night before he goes to bed. Obviously he won't be hearing this book anytime soon. I think we can do the first book when he's maybe seven.

It's going to be so fun to see how his imagination grows with books. My mom read to me constantly as a child and I loved books growing up. I hope he inherits my love of books and enjoys being read to as much as we will enjoy reading to him.


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