Friday, July 13, 2007

Hip shape is ship-shape

Obviously with a nickname like Little Elvis, our little guy needs healthy hips. But we've been a little concerned about them over the past couple of weeks.

At his 4 month doctor's appointment, the doctor expressed concern about a clicking in both of his hips.

We had x-rays which showed nothing and today went back to see if anything had changed.

His right hip had stopped clicking, but his left hip still made noise, so she ordered a sonogram to make sure.

Up until that moment I had done a great job of convincing myself that he was perfectly fine. When she ordered the sonogram, the worries immediately started clouding my mind.

The sonogram would check for hip dysplasia. She said if the sonogram turned up anything we would have to go to an orthopedist and possibly be fitted for a brace.

Little Elvis absolutely LOVES lying on his back and kicking and jumping in his door bouncer. What would he do if he couldn't do that anymore? I can't imagine how he could do any of his activities with a brace.

We headed over as soon as the appointment ended, and I think I did a pretty good job not freaking out -- I was worried, but I didn't cry or fret too much.

Once we were in the sonogram room (?) the technician showed us the hip sockets, which looked fine to me, and then the radiologist came in.

He said that the left hip socket was a little shallow, but still normal. Yay!!!

I cried a little right then because I was so relieved.

We do actually have a funny story from the day, because it doesn't seem like we can ever go to the doctor's office without Little Elvis doing something funny.

When the doctor started looking at Little Elvis' legs, she said they had gotten bigger since his last appointment two weeks ago. This was apparently the wrong thing to say, because our little guy started bawling! She immediately apologized and told him she meant it as a compliment, but he was apparently very offended at the suggestion that he had "big legs."

His little face turned bright red and he even made some tears.

There's a running joke in my family that my dad's brother has "big legs," so it obviously runs in my family.


Anonymous Dawh said...

SO glad that everything turned out ok. Zachy's arm is clicking, so now you got me curious about what's going on - I'm going to mention it at our next appointment!

8:00 AM  

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