Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A hunka, hunka burnin' love connection to Elvis

In honor of today, I thought I would explain the Elvis connection.

It would seem that Bob and I are much bigger Elvis fans than we are. We've nicknamed our baby Little Elvis and we got married in the King of Rock n Roll's birthplace on the day after the 25th anniversary of his death... seriously. That sounds so morbid and it was absolutely not intended.

I have always liked Elvis. I mean I grew up in his birthplace. I love to listen to his music and watch his movies when they come on TBS in August and January. I always knew that they came on around the time of his death and birth, but I never knew the exact date. Not until about 5 1/2 years ago.

Bob proposed to me on February 23, 2002, (I think this is the date, it's the Saturday around that date) and I decided that 6 months was plenty of time to plan a wedding. So I called the church I went to as a child to reserve August 23rd. They were booked that weekend, but August 17th was open. I decided that one week wouldn't matter.

About a month later my mom called me and said, "Do you know what we did?" She informed me that our wedding was set for the day after the 25th anniversary of The King of Rock N Roll's death and the weekend of the Tupelo Furniture Market -- our town is known for two things and I unwittingly scheduled our wedding in the midst of both of them! There was no "we" in this mistake, and I take complete credit for this scheduling mistake.

Since I didn't live in Tupelo, my mom had to do the majority of the legwork on the wedding. This included finding hotel space where there wasn't much to be found. She is obviously a saint and I can never thank her enough for all of the amazing work she did.

Bob and I visited the actual birthplace the day after the wedding before we left for our honeymoon and met a woman who thought we had to be the biggest fans. Don't you think that's morbid? If I was a super fan, we would have gotten married on his birthdate not his deathdate.

That explains how we ended up getting married when we did, but how did we come up with the nickname Little Elvis? Again, that is all me. When we were talking about trying to get pregnant, I told Bob I wanted to call the baby Little Elvis until we found out the sex -- I hated the idea of calling our baby "it." Then we started the blog and I decided the nickname would protect his identity.

So, on the outside we seem like we must be the biggest Elvis fans out there, but most of it is really just coincidence. Poor Bob must not like the coincidences, because he refuses to sing any Elvis tunes to Little Elvis. I try, but don't know any lyrics outside of the choruses -- oh well.


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