Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Well, what can he do?

We visited with a lot of Bob's family this weekend. This was a chance for Little Elvis to meet a lot of his relatives on Bob's side. They were obviously impressed with our little rock star, at least most of them were...

At one point, we were "playing" with the 9-year-old daughter of one of Bob's cousins. Little Elvis was lying on a blanket and happily kicking and occasionally shreiking.

She brought over a rocking horse and wanted him to ride it. I said I didn't think he could.

Cousin: Can he walk?

Me: No

Cousin: Can he say elephant?

Me: No

Cousin: (exasperated) What can he do?

Me: He's working on sitting up by himself!

I was flumoxed. I'm used to people oohing and ahing over my brilliant baby, and haven't faced a question like that. Of course, I found it funny, but in retelling it, it made me think about all of the amazing things Little Elvis can do.

He can roll over completely, sit up for long stretches at a time, push up really well when he's on his tummy, chatter, drink out of a sippy cup, laugh and giggle, squeal, pout at the drop of a hat and then smile in the next second, make tears, suck on his toes when he's in pretty much any position and eat lots of fruits and veggies. Little Elvis can also jump in his doorway jumper and play with just about all the toys in his exersaucer. And in keeping with his nickname sake, he can turn it on anytime he sees the camera -- even if he's been crying, those tears will dry up and he will smile when he sees the camera. He can drop a toy and pick it back up if he's sitting in his Bumbo. He can hang up my phone and has even typed several IM's to his daddy this week. (Bob is going to learn esperanto so he can read them.)

This is just a small list of all the things our amazing little guy can do. Hopefully next time I'm asked this question, I'll be more prepared to brag on our wonderfully talented baby.


Blogger Lainey-Paney said...

Isn't it funny though that to her, he couldn't "do" anything.

Ahhh...we moms can always find the best in all of it. And we know just how far they've come.

To the 9 year old: you don't get it. When he got here, he couldn't really dooooooooooo anything but cry, eat, sleep, & poop. At that point, he couldn't even control his own movements. He's come soooooooooo far!


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