Friday, September 28, 2007

Raising a football fan

I love fall! It cools off, I can wear sweaters, the leaves turn brilliant colors and football season gets underway.

Bob and I are pretty big football fans. He roots for Penn State and the Pittsburgh Steelers while I cheer on my beloved Mississippi State Bulldogs and the Indianapolis Colts.

As for high school teams, we all rally behind the Tupelo Golden Wave -- it's my alma mater and my dad's the Athletic Director.

While we were visiting my parents, Little Elvis got the opportunity to go to his first real high school football game.

And the proud grandpa couldn't let his grandson make a football debut without the proper fan gear.

So, he had a jersey made up for our little football fan, complete with a Golden Wave logo. My dad also had Little Elvis' real name put on the back, along with Peyton Manning's number (my favorite player!)
Like tricked out trike? My parents did that, too.
I was worried that our little fan would wilt shortly after kick-off. But he surprised us all.

Here he is with his Coachpa (my dad picked out this moniker) enjoying the first quarter. He seemed to like the cheerleaders a lot.

And after watching some of the snaps from my Granny's lap, he decided to explore his Gram's face.
Yes, he lost his pants partway through the game. They were lined and we were in Mississippi -- 'nuff said.
We made it all the way to half-time, and the Wave won! Go team!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Happy Birthday to the best daddy!

Today is Bob's birthday! Yay!! Little Elvis loves his Daddy so much.

We were in Mississippi for a week and a half before Bob joined us. Little Elvis was thrilled to see his Daddy again.

Little E wanted to type his own birthday message:

pplpopo'/ni9po9ik; b7tyggggvtv56tyg 5vr4csrdttttttttttkuy765rhg

Translation: I love you Daddy! Computers are fun!

What a great pair.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Little Elvis the model

Little Elvis loves the camera. If he's being fussy, I can whip out the camera and he instantly turns on the charm. My grandmother thought this was the funniest thing, and told me that one of my cousins did the exact same thing. I kind of figured he inherited it from Bob, who is a born performer.

On our trip, Little Elvis got the ultimate opportunity to model. And not just any modeling. He got to wear a couture outfit designed especially for him.

I used to sew all the time, and even made my own small line of clothes called MereWear. When I got pregnant my energy for sewing diminished completely, and it hasn't really returned. I've made him a shopping cart cozy and a slip cover for our glider. That's it.

My dad's mother, Granny, also used to sew all the time and I thought it would be fun for us to make Little Elvis an outfit together. So, that's what we did. We spent several mornings working on a little outfit for our cute little guy, and I think it turned out really well.

As usual, when it was time to model his special outfit, he turned on the charm.

And he even shared the spotlight with Granny, the co-sewer.

Thanks Granny!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Swimming like a fish

Little Elvis accomplished a lot on our Mississippi trip. For one thing, he really developed a love for water.

He typically loves his bath, but didn't seem to enjoy himself the few times we took him to a pool. But on our first or second day in Tupelo we took him to my uncle's pool and he realized just how much fun splashing can be.

Maybe all of the swimming gear we had him loaded up with helped. My parents ordered hiim a little floaty suit that reminded me of a Superman costume because of the padding in the chest and back. When we put it on Little Elvis he looked more like a turtle though -- he's on the low end of the weight range for the outfit.

We didn't stop with the floaty outfit. My mom also got him a little hippo floating donut type thing that he can sit in while we pull him.

And she got him an SPF hat. (Gotta love those end of summer bargains!)

So after several minutes of outfitting, Little Elvis was ready to become a little fish.

At first he was a little skittish, but once he saw all the splashing he could do, he took to it... well, like a fish to water. (I couldn't help myself!)

One thing that kind of surprised us was his kicking. He splashed with his hands and simultaneously kicked with his feet. My aunt said it looked like he really was swimming.

He had a blast, and his swimming escapades have made him love his bathtime even more -- getting him out of the tub is a little more difficult though!

Monday, September 24, 2007

What a difference two weeks can make

Little Elvis and I just got back from a 2-week vacation visiting my family in Mississippi. I took a baby with two teeth who could flop to his bely from a seated position and came back with a baby with 3 teeth (and another on the way!) who can army crawl on his belly.

We had a great time, although there two bad nights with tooth number 3. He seems to love the new tooth. He grinds his bottom two on it and has given me several love nips.

As for the belly crawling, he's getting into everything! He caught my grandmother and me off-guard when he first began inching around. We were sewing him a super-cute outfit, we heard crinkling. We looked down and he was playing with the plastic bag of fabric! He had traveled a couple of feet to get to it. We quickly moved it, and he moved onto my pattern envelope -- dumping it out and chewing on it. Once that was wrestled from him, he latched onto my purse strap. He laughed and giggled when we tried to pull it from him.

All in all a fun time. We're still recovering, but I do plan to write about some of our hijinx later this week.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Sign language

Bob and I have been halfheartedly attempting to teach Little Elvis sign language. We decided that we would only attempt a few words: food, drink, kitty, mommy and daddy. The only word we are even remotely consistent with is kitty. (I have the strangest feeling that Little Elvis' first word will be kitty.)

Even though we aren't doing a good job of regularly using sign language, Little Elvis is using his own nonverbal communication skills -- he has started reaching out for us.

Now, when he's tired of his exersaucer he will hold up his arms at us instead of crying. Don't get me wrong, he will still cry if we aren't right there to get him, but at least this lets us know that a cry is pending.

He will also reach out for us from other people's arms.

We love that he's reaching out for us. And the best part of those reaches is that he ends up wrapping his little arms around our necks as we grab him. So not only is he reaching out for us, but he's also hugging us. There is nothing better than a Little Elvis hug.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Gravity helps

Little Elvis is on a 3 day cycle. He typically goes every three days. This means that he usually seems really uncomfortable on the end of the second day and into the third. Last week he ended up not going for four days.

I drank prune juice, we fed him applesauce, he even had his first taste of apple juice, (which he LOVED!) but none of these worked. He seemed so uncomfortable by the fourth day that he would occasionally cry out.

I ended up putting him in his doorway jumper on the fourth day, just hoping that the fun would distract him. It did a whole lot more than distract him -- it helped him go! After about five minutes of jumping, he was in a much, much better mood! We went through two diapers in about 10 minutes.

We were so thrilled, but I didn't really credit the doorway jumper with his accomplishment. The next day, I put him back in his jumper, and again he went! This happened three days in a row, each time he was in his doorway jumper.

I can't just credit the doorway jumper, I think the applesauce also helped him, but the doorway jumper definitely helped him jump out his troubles.

Even more reasons to love the doorway jumper!