Friday, September 28, 2007

Raising a football fan

I love fall! It cools off, I can wear sweaters, the leaves turn brilliant colors and football season gets underway.

Bob and I are pretty big football fans. He roots for Penn State and the Pittsburgh Steelers while I cheer on my beloved Mississippi State Bulldogs and the Indianapolis Colts.

As for high school teams, we all rally behind the Tupelo Golden Wave -- it's my alma mater and my dad's the Athletic Director.

While we were visiting my parents, Little Elvis got the opportunity to go to his first real high school football game.

And the proud grandpa couldn't let his grandson make a football debut without the proper fan gear.

So, he had a jersey made up for our little football fan, complete with a Golden Wave logo. My dad also had Little Elvis' real name put on the back, along with Peyton Manning's number (my favorite player!)
Like tricked out trike? My parents did that, too.
I was worried that our little fan would wilt shortly after kick-off. But he surprised us all.

Here he is with his Coachpa (my dad picked out this moniker) enjoying the first quarter. He seemed to like the cheerleaders a lot.

And after watching some of the snaps from my Granny's lap, he decided to explore his Gram's face.
Yes, he lost his pants partway through the game. They were lined and we were in Mississippi -- 'nuff said.
We made it all the way to half-time, and the Wave won! Go team!!


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