Monday, September 24, 2007

What a difference two weeks can make

Little Elvis and I just got back from a 2-week vacation visiting my family in Mississippi. I took a baby with two teeth who could flop to his bely from a seated position and came back with a baby with 3 teeth (and another on the way!) who can army crawl on his belly.

We had a great time, although there two bad nights with tooth number 3. He seems to love the new tooth. He grinds his bottom two on it and has given me several love nips.

As for the belly crawling, he's getting into everything! He caught my grandmother and me off-guard when he first began inching around. We were sewing him a super-cute outfit, we heard crinkling. We looked down and he was playing with the plastic bag of fabric! He had traveled a couple of feet to get to it. We quickly moved it, and he moved onto my pattern envelope -- dumping it out and chewing on it. Once that was wrestled from him, he latched onto my purse strap. He laughed and giggled when we tried to pull it from him.

All in all a fun time. We're still recovering, but I do plan to write about some of our hijinx later this week.


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