Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Busy bee

Little Elvis was a bumblebee for Halloween this year. This is him flying to a Halloween party on Saturday night.

Adults were supposed to dress up, too. But I didn't really think adults would. So I decided to be a flower at the last minute. My thrown together outfit was definitely shamed by the great costumes worn by pretty much every other adult in attendance. Oh well.

Bob and Little Elvis were trying to lure trick or treaters to our house with honey. They did a pretty good job.

By the end of the night, our candy bucket had just 5 pieces left in it.

Happy Halloween!


Little Elvis is a great eater. I'm not the only one who says that. Pretty much anyone who watches him eat, comments on what a great eater he is.

He's game for pretty much any food we put in his mouth. Which is great, since we make some of his baby food. We're not over-ambitious, I would say our ratio of home-made to store-bought food is 40-60.

Since he's been open to most foods, I've been getting a little experimental with Little Elvis' options. He likes the fancy squash that's been at the market, as well as mango. Our carrots, apples, pears, bananas and pumpkin are also welcome treats. But cantaloupe? It's a can't.

I thought cantaloupe would be great -- it's soft, it's a pretty color and I like the flavor a lot. Apparently Little Elvis does not like the flavor.

When I was puree-ing the cantaloupe, I gave him a bite. He opened wide for the spoon, but as soon as the melon hit his tongue, he screwed up his face and stuck out his tongue.

I thought that was a bad sign, but went ahead and finished preparing the whole cantaloupe anyway. We tried it again at dinner and this time he made a face, spit out the cantaloupe and gagged. He's never gagged before.

Since he has been so open to all other foods, Bob and I decided not to force this food on him.

This left us with a freezer full of frozen puree-ed cantaloupe. I thought it might taste good with champagne or sparkling wine, but ended up finding a melon meringue recipe online.

Let me just say, cooked cantaloupe with meringue on top is not all that tasty. Hence the name of this post, can't-aloupe.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Knees up, butt down, hands waving

Little Elvis had a very busy week last week, which means I had a very busy week.

He decided that army crawling wasn't the best way to get around on Wednesday.

He started sneakily pulling his knees under him. I say sneakily, because he would only keep them under for a second when I was watching. But if I left the room, then he would suddenly become a little Speedy Gonzalez and end up on the other side of the room in a matter of seconds.
Around mid-afternoon he would let me watch him crawl around on his knees, but when I brought the camera out, he would flop to his tummy.

By the end of the day, though, he was crawling in front of us and the camera.

On Thursday, he decided that sitting down after standing would be his new task. Sometimes he sits very neatly, other times he rolls back onto his head.

Then, on Friday he started waving at us. It's another stealth act, though. We haven't been able to catch that one on camera yet.

It's amazing how he likes to crowd in all of his accomplishments into such a short period of time!

Needless to say, we've been busy.

Here's some edited video of Little Elvis crawling, standing up and tormenting Wally and laughing at Bob.

"Jump"ing for joy

It's that time again. Little Elvis has "dropped" another music video.

You might remember his fan favorite, "Rice, Rice Baby" from a few months ago. Since our little musician pretty much mastered early '90s rap, he decided to try his hand at a new genre -- 80s heavy metal.

So "Jump" to it and let him know what you think!


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A tack?

Little Elvis is getting really mobile, and I usually let him go where he wants -- within reason. One of his favorite places to explore is a spot in front of a built in cabinet. The carpet ends at the cabinet door and he likes to pull at the carpet. I make sure he doesn't get carpet fibers, but I haven't really worried about him playing there.

That wasn't the best decision on my part. Yesterday I saw him palming something and aiming his little hand at his little mouth. I thought it might be a carpet fiber, so I calmly walked over and looked in his hand. He was holding a tack! A green thumb tack!!!
I took it out of his little hand and he cried because I took his play pretty away.

My heart dropped to my stomach as I started imagining what could have happened if I hadn't walked over. As I type this, my heart is racing. Mainly because I had absolutely no idea that the tack was even there.

We don't use tacks like that, so I guess a previous tenant must have used tacks like that and one managed to get stuck under the carpet.

I've been working on babyproofing, but I had no idea I needed to look UNDER wall-to-wall carpet!

I think I may just slap some duct tape over that part of the carpet as well.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Free view of desktop

Dawn, over at Coming to a Nursery Near You tagged me for a desktop meme. I am borderline computer illiterate, so it took me a while to work up the nerve to even attempt this.

Hopefully I did it correctly.

Little Elvis was about three and a half months old in this picture. We were building his exersaucer and he had just realized that my thumb was just as tasty as his own.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Where did you get his hair cut?

For those of you who have read the blog before, you have probably seen pictures of Little Elvis. His super-fine peach fuzz hair does not really translate on camera. It doesn't really translate because our little guy is a cue-ball.

This weekend, we took Little Elvis to the play area at the mall, and we met a baby who was just two days older than Little Elvis. This baby had a head full of beautiful dark brown hair.

I was chatting with his mother, and I commented on her son's hair. She said that she needed to get it cut and asked me where we got Little Elvis' hair cut... She wasn't kidding. I guess she thought we buzzed our 8-month-old son's hair off. Maybe she thought we were trying to raise a Hare Krishna? Or were big fans of "Deal or No Deal?"

I told her that I had a strong suspicion we wouldn't be worrying about a haircut until probably the second birthday.

The exchange got me thinking about babies and hair. I guess it seems like there are a lot more babies with hair than babies without. I wonder why?

Little Elvis was doomed from the start on this front. I didn't have hair until I was probably one and a half. And we're pretty sure Bob didn't have much hair as a baby either.

The smooth pate is fine with me, though. I love kissing his sweet little head and blowing on the tiny strands. In his case, bald definitely is beautiful.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Creative problem solver

Obviously I think my son is a genius. I think that's something most mothers and fathers (and grandparents) think. But yesterday Little Elvis exhibited some very astute problem solving skills, proving that my opinion of his brilliance might be more than opinion.

We were playing on the floor with some of his favorite toys -- a little rubber duck that fits perfectly in his little hand, a set of play keys, an old pacifier and an old remote control. He was happily palming the ducky when I offered him the remote control.

Little Elvis can pass toys back and forth between his hands, and that's what I was trying to get him to do.

My little brainiac stared at the remote in my hand and then looked at the ducky in his hand. He wanted to grab at the remote with both hands, while keeping possession of the ducky.

What's a baby to do? Little Elvis opted to pop the ducky into his mouth for safekeeping while reaching out for the remote with both hands! That's pretty impressive if you ask me.

I just wish I had video of it.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Don't leave me!

Little Elvis is in the throes of separation anxiety -- at least that's what I think it is.

I can't walk past him without picking him up. If I do walk past him, say to throw some trash away, he cries until I come back.

And he knows that the bad, hiccupping cry really gets to me, so he immediately busts that one out.

Yesterday I went to get myself a cup of yogurt. When I came back out to the living room, I noticed a tear.

I picked him up and hugged him, and all was right with the world... until I wouldn't share my yogurt.

And I'm not the only one who can bring on the tears so quickly. Bob came home from work the other day and went to put his bookbag up before hugging Little Elvis. This was very insulting, as you can imagine.

It's amazing to me how much more aware he is, and I'm happy that he is most content when surrounded by both of us.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Standing at attention

We had a big weekend. First we went to see Bob's dad and stepmom. Little Elvis had a great time showing off all of his talents. He impressed them with his mad scooting and sitting skills, 4 1/2 teeth and his big boy appetite.

While we were there, I told Bob that I wanted Little Elvis to start pulling up and standing. Bob's stepmom Shan said I should be careful what I wished for.

Little Elvis must have also been listening because on Saturday afternoon he officially pulled himself to a stand in his crib!!

Bob was looking under the crib to find out how to lower it when our little guy decided to make his move.

Yay for Little Elvis!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Eight is great!

Little Elvis is eight months old today, and unfortunately it wasn't too much of a celebration. My lips are still giving me grief and it looks like he's about to cut tooth number 5.

His third tooth really gave him some issues, but tooth number four didn't bother him at all. I think tooth number 5 will be more difficult, though.

So no big parties for the 8-month milestone. (Guess we'll have to break out the tequila next month -- that was a joke, I promise!)

I'm so amazed by all he can do now. He's become quite the army crawler -- he lies on his belly and kicks with his right leg while pulling with both arms. Do you remember the scene in the first Die Hard where Bruce Willis has glass stuck in his foot and has to slide around on his belly to avoid being shot by the bad Russian guy? That's kind of what Little Elvis looks like, sans all the blood and stuff. And Bruce Willis had more hair back then.

I don't think Little Elvis will get up on his knees. He seems content to slide around on his tummy. And he's quick! Faster than I can say, "Don't put that cord in your mouth," he can get to it and taste it. Cords are apparently much more appetizing than any of the toys scattered all over the floor.

He also just this week mastered the trick of pushing himself to sitting. He's been trying for a couple of weeks to get to sitting and just started doing it on Sunday. Now he does it ALL the time. I can tell that he's so proud of this skill.

And he is much better at eating his finger foods. He gets 3 or 4 pieces at lunch and dinner and manages to get about two/thirds of them in his mouth without any help from us.

I have a feeling pulling up will be his next parlor trick. He's done this a few times, but not with the intent of pulling to standing. Usually it's to grab at something I'm trying to get away from him.

Oh, and Bob was on C-SPAN the other day. It was a taped segment so we all watched the appearance together. Little Elvis kept looking from the televised-Daddy to the real-life Daddy. I think he knew that it was Bob. That was really cool.

Can't wait to see what he accomplishes before the 9-month mark!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

No kisses for my sweet baby

Last year around this time my lips became infected. They became swollen (think Angelina Jolie) and purple.

Although I guess that's a look that some people desire, they were really painful. And then they started cracking.

We figured that stress from a health scare had caused the swelling.

Now they are doing it again! And I don't think I'm stressed. But they are puffy and reddish purple and I can't talk very well.

So Little Elvis is putting up with lots of silence on my part and he's not getting his usual kisses. I don't know if he misses these, but I certainly do.

Each day I sing silly little songs to my sweet little guy and I kiss his chubby cheeks, soft wisps of hair, sweet hands, little feet and round little tummy. These are the highlights of my days.

I miss them. Hopefully this mess will clear up soon.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

You might be a redneck if....

OK, I'm from the south. I actually can relate to most of Jeff Foxworthy's redneck jokes. I even laugh, uncomfortably, at some of them.

Since I'm from Mississippi and I have the tell-tale accent, I feel this incredible need to prove to others that I am not a redneck/hick/hillbilly.

Most people probably don't even come to that conclusion, but I know there are people out there who have preconceived notions about southerners. I have seriously been asked if I wear shoes on a daily basis.

All that said, Bob and I have officially let our inner rednecks out. How, you ask? By using duct tape as a baby-proofer.

Yes, who needs to spend $6 on a cord cover when a strip of the shiny, silver, sticky stuff will do just as well?

We've been talking for weeks about getting cord covers, but:

1. we can't find them at the stores we usually hit
2. the hardware store is out of the way.
3. and yesterday Little Elvis discovered the television cable and thought it looked awfully tasty.

Since we definitely weren't making a special trip to the hardware store, Bob slapped down some duct tape.

Will it make me more of a redneck if I paint it the color of the carpet? (with non-toxic paint of course.)

Monday, October 08, 2007

A baby sale pee-vent

Our peeing prodigy decided to up the ante this weekend -- going through three outfits in about three hours.

Normally this wouldn't be a problem, because he has more clothes than most heiresses (my mom and I are baby clothes sale addicts.) This weekend's pee-vent occurred at one such baby sale.

Little Elvis is normally pretty good at these sales. He either sleeps or sits contentedly in his stroller, watching the toddlers and their mothers run everywhere.

But about ten minutes into our bargain bonanza, our little guy got fussy. Bob pulled him out of the stroller, but that didn't help, so I took him.

Little Elvis quieted down for a bit, so I kept searching through racks of clothes with my free hand... until I noticed a warm sensation on my side. Yes, Little Elvis had peed out of his diaper and all aver both of us.

Bob took him out to the car to change him, and I kept on shopping. Yes, I shopped with a wet spot on the side of my t-shirt. Never thought I would do that.

It took Little Elvis about an hour to go through that diaper and outfit.

The second outfit got soiled when we fed him his lunch. I had brought him one of those disposable plastic bibs, but he liked the bib so much that it stayed in his mouth more than on his front.

Onto outfit number three, and back to the half-off portion of the baby sale. (Don't you love those?)

A few minutes into our half-off hunt, Little Elvis got fussy once again. And once again Bob picked him up. Not two minutes later, we saw wet spots all around the top of onesie number three.

I don't even think it took an hour to fill up the diaper this time.

Bob took him out to change again while I stayed to try and gather all our deals. Several minutes later he returned with a naked, happy baby, (ok, he had on a diaper and a bib, but basically he was naked) and I was so embarrassed. None of the other mothers had naked babies. I honestly thought two extra onesies would be enough for a three to four hour excursion. Guess I was wrong.

Lessons learned? Don't just bring a diaper for every hour you'll be gone, bring an outfit for every hour, too.

Now to address questions, we do regularly change his diapers. And he was pointed down.

At least we got some great deals!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Give me an 'S!'

As a girl from a fairly small town in Mississippi, I've not had too many run-ins with celebrities.

There was the shaking of then-Vice President George H.W. Bush's hand when I was in the 5th grade. I have no idea why he came to my town, but he walked down a street shaking several people's hands, and mine was one that he happened to shake. I milked this for all it was worth -- dramatically telling my dad that I would never wash my hand again, then bursting into tears after realizing that I had already washed it.

I didn't get the opportunity to meet another celebrity until about two years ago. Bob and I were on the same flight as John Roberts, CNN anchor. As a former local television news producer, I recognized him across the crowded airport immediately, and had no idea what to do!

First I tried to call Bob, who was in the bathroom. Once I remembered this, I snapped my cell phone shut and stole another glance at Roberts. Then I called my mom, who said I should definitely go introduce myself, but I couldn't. So I just stared at the poor man like a fool and called Bob again. Finally he showed up, and dragged me over to meet the network anchor, who shook my hand and even talked with us for a few moments.

This is a long way to get around to the fact that I'm about to actually KNOW a celebrity. My friend Shameika is on a new reality show that starts this weekend.

It's called, "I want to look like a high school cheerleader again," and the first episode airs on CMT this Saturday.

I think this sounds like a really fun opportunity for Shameika, and I'm so excited to see her on the show. I hope lots of people will watch and cheer her on!

Rah Rah Shameika!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Who needs finger foods?

Little Elvis puts everything in his mouth. Shoes, toys, remote controls, my hands, his feet, the cat's tails (ok, I've prevented this so far, but it will happen.)

But we have found the one thing he won't put in his mouth -- finger food. He's been working on his pincer grasp for the past couple of weeks, so we bought him some Gerber sweet potato finger foods to give him practice.

He finds these little buds very interesting, but not interesting enough to put in his mouth. The first time we gave him some he just stared at them until I finally put one in his mouth. He made his "This is new and weird," face, then smacked and swallowed.

The next time we presented them to him, he picked one up and tried to crush it in his fist. Again, we fed them to him.

Today, he played with them (he's getting two) and then attempted to put one in his mouth. Then he thought better of it, and dropped it into the food catcher part of his bib. Yes, I fed it to him again.

I tried one of these buds when we first got them for him. It didn't taste like anything, maybe that's why he doesn't like them. Who knows?

I wonder if I could cover the cats' tails in his finger food in an attempt to keep the inevitable from happening.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Bathroom blues

Little Elvis is getting stronger and more curious. This is great, and I'm really proud of him, but it's throwing a kink in my bathroom trips.

He used to sit in his bouncy seat with some toys. Thank goodness I always belted him in, because last month he tipped himself over. I was washing hands when I heard a small thud. I turn around to find the bouncy seat leaning on the wall with Little Elvis hanging out of the side! It freaked me out, but he seemed to think it was fun.

Since he was getting better at sitting, I tried just plopping him on the floor. That worked until Slappy joined us (who knew my bathroom time was so interesting?) and shocked him, causing him to fall back and hit his head. At least the floor was carpeted, but that wasn't fun.

So, for the past week he's been sitting in his bathtub. I thought this was going to be the perfect solution until yesterday. I was putting on make-up when I felt him grab my leg. I look down and he had crawled out the back of the tub and was reaching for the bathroom cabinet.

Grr! I'm going to try sitting again.