Monday, October 01, 2007

Bathroom blues

Little Elvis is getting stronger and more curious. This is great, and I'm really proud of him, but it's throwing a kink in my bathroom trips.

He used to sit in his bouncy seat with some toys. Thank goodness I always belted him in, because last month he tipped himself over. I was washing hands when I heard a small thud. I turn around to find the bouncy seat leaning on the wall with Little Elvis hanging out of the side! It freaked me out, but he seemed to think it was fun.

Since he was getting better at sitting, I tried just plopping him on the floor. That worked until Slappy joined us (who knew my bathroom time was so interesting?) and shocked him, causing him to fall back and hit his head. At least the floor was carpeted, but that wasn't fun.

So, for the past week he's been sitting in his bathtub. I thought this was going to be the perfect solution until yesterday. I was putting on make-up when I felt him grab my leg. I look down and he had crawled out the back of the tub and was reaching for the bathroom cabinet.

Grr! I'm going to try sitting again.


Blogger Lainey-Paney said...

Exersaucer in the bathroom.
That's what we did.
Or---jumperoo thing in the door jam.
Or, we put Gage in his walker, and shut off most of the that he could only roll/walk around in his walker in a small section of the house where we could keep an ear out for him, and knew he couldn't get into anything.

1:22 PM  
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