Thursday, October 11, 2007

Eight is great!

Little Elvis is eight months old today, and unfortunately it wasn't too much of a celebration. My lips are still giving me grief and it looks like he's about to cut tooth number 5.

His third tooth really gave him some issues, but tooth number four didn't bother him at all. I think tooth number 5 will be more difficult, though.

So no big parties for the 8-month milestone. (Guess we'll have to break out the tequila next month -- that was a joke, I promise!)

I'm so amazed by all he can do now. He's become quite the army crawler -- he lies on his belly and kicks with his right leg while pulling with both arms. Do you remember the scene in the first Die Hard where Bruce Willis has glass stuck in his foot and has to slide around on his belly to avoid being shot by the bad Russian guy? That's kind of what Little Elvis looks like, sans all the blood and stuff. And Bruce Willis had more hair back then.

I don't think Little Elvis will get up on his knees. He seems content to slide around on his tummy. And he's quick! Faster than I can say, "Don't put that cord in your mouth," he can get to it and taste it. Cords are apparently much more appetizing than any of the toys scattered all over the floor.

He also just this week mastered the trick of pushing himself to sitting. He's been trying for a couple of weeks to get to sitting and just started doing it on Sunday. Now he does it ALL the time. I can tell that he's so proud of this skill.

And he is much better at eating his finger foods. He gets 3 or 4 pieces at lunch and dinner and manages to get about two/thirds of them in his mouth without any help from us.

I have a feeling pulling up will be his next parlor trick. He's done this a few times, but not with the intent of pulling to standing. Usually it's to grab at something I'm trying to get away from him.

Oh, and Bob was on C-SPAN the other day. It was a taped segment so we all watched the appearance together. Little Elvis kept looking from the televised-Daddy to the real-life Daddy. I think he knew that it was Bob. That was really cool.

Can't wait to see what he accomplishes before the 9-month mark!


Anonymous Dawn @ Coming to a Nursery Near You said...

awww, he's just motoring along! My oldest son did that - never really did get up on his knees... went from the army crawl to walking... at nine months! So watch out! LOL

2:28 PM  
Anonymous Lisa said...

He will get up on the knees I think. Mine crawled just like that for two whole months and then finally got up on his knees and was so much faster. At 10 months he started walking and now at 11 he is practically running. Where do our precious little swaddled ones go?? sniffle.

1:08 PM  
Blogger Lainey-Paney said...

He's growing up so fast!!!!

2:56 PM  

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