Sunday, October 21, 2007

Where did you get his hair cut?

For those of you who have read the blog before, you have probably seen pictures of Little Elvis. His super-fine peach fuzz hair does not really translate on camera. It doesn't really translate because our little guy is a cue-ball.

This weekend, we took Little Elvis to the play area at the mall, and we met a baby who was just two days older than Little Elvis. This baby had a head full of beautiful dark brown hair.

I was chatting with his mother, and I commented on her son's hair. She said that she needed to get it cut and asked me where we got Little Elvis' hair cut... She wasn't kidding. I guess she thought we buzzed our 8-month-old son's hair off. Maybe she thought we were trying to raise a Hare Krishna? Or were big fans of "Deal or No Deal?"

I told her that I had a strong suspicion we wouldn't be worrying about a haircut until probably the second birthday.

The exchange got me thinking about babies and hair. I guess it seems like there are a lot more babies with hair than babies without. I wonder why?

Little Elvis was doomed from the start on this front. I didn't have hair until I was probably one and a half. And we're pretty sure Bob didn't have much hair as a baby either.

The smooth pate is fine with me, though. I love kissing his sweet little head and blowing on the tiny strands. In his case, bald definitely is beautiful.


Blogger mpotter said...

my niece was probably 2 years old before she got hair....
which tends to make you look like a boy. so, i guess little elvis has one less problem.

he's cute!

3:34 PM  

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