Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Who needs finger foods?

Little Elvis puts everything in his mouth. Shoes, toys, remote controls, my hands, his feet, the cat's tails (ok, I've prevented this so far, but it will happen.)

But we have found the one thing he won't put in his mouth -- finger food. He's been working on his pincer grasp for the past couple of weeks, so we bought him some Gerber sweet potato finger foods to give him practice.

He finds these little buds very interesting, but not interesting enough to put in his mouth. The first time we gave him some he just stared at them until I finally put one in his mouth. He made his "This is new and weird," face, then smacked and swallowed.

The next time we presented them to him, he picked one up and tried to crush it in his fist. Again, we fed them to him.

Today, he played with them (he's getting two) and then attempted to put one in his mouth. Then he thought better of it, and dropped it into the food catcher part of his bib. Yes, I fed it to him again.

I tried one of these buds when we first got them for him. It didn't taste like anything, maybe that's why he doesn't like them. Who knows?

I wonder if I could cover the cats' tails in his finger food in an attempt to keep the inevitable from happening.


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