Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Cute baby in aisle 3

We didn't get too many great deals on Black Friday, but we were ok with that.

Who could get bummed when you have a cutie like this around?

Monday, November 26, 2007

Walk this way

Little Elvis has stopped crying while using his walker. The only things that stop him now are walls and chairs.

And we can't let an accomplishment like that go without a music video.

I think Aerosmith and Run DMC would be proud.


Love story

I love Little Elvis. It amazes me everyday how much I love him. Sometimes I have to physically pick him and hug him and kiss his chubby cheeks multiple times. It's a compulsion.

At 9 and a half months, he's usually pretty happy when I swoop him up in my arms and lavish him with kisses. How long will this last?

Sometimes I just watch him chase the cats or pull up on a shelf so he can reach his aspirator, and I'm just in awe.

When he was first born, I was so enamored with him. I could hold him and stare at him and breathe him in for hours. He is so cute and sweet and loveable when he's awake, but he is truly beautiful when he's sleeping. He has his daddy's long eyelashes and a beautiful rosy complexion (not sure where he got that from, I'm the color of a ghost and Bob is also pretty pale.)

I also had this unbelievable compulsion to protect him from any and everything when he was a newborn. I still have the compulsion, (I tiptoe into his room just about every night to make sure he's alright) but my feelings have morphed and grown and become more complex.

Yes, I still want to protect my Little Elvis, but I'm so proud of him now. I call Bob and my parents several times a day, just to share whatever new or cute accomplishment he has made.

My mom got three calls today. Dad got one. And Bob got two or three.

I know I have to be annoying, but I like the sense of wonder that I have about him. I cherish him so completely.

Today, he puttered around the living room with his little walker. He can't really steer it, so I have to turn him around when he runs into a roadblock. He also found a cardboard box full of his small, noisy toys completely fascinating. And he made the angry older lady behind me in the checkout line smile. The lines were unbelievably long and he started waving at her. (His first REAL wave!)

What an amazing little boy.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Walking, with assistance ... and tears

Little Elvis has become quite the little cruiser, and reacher. It's amazing the things he can find and now reach.

Some of his favorites are the cats, his aspirator and vitamins, the remote and the placemats (bonus if there's something on the placemats!)

I've been trying to get him to walk with a little walker toy that we got him for Christmas last year (yeah, it was his Christmas present when he was in my belly) with only a little success. I have to hold onto it to keep him from pushing it too fast.

Today, Bob got him to use the walker without any help!

Then we tried to get him to re-enact his solo walk after he woke up from his nap. He wasn't very happy about it, but we did get him to take a couple of steps before finally letting him crawl.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Little Elvis samples tomatoes

Little Elvis likes to play in the kitchen while I'm in there. We've outfitted him a drawer full of his plastic dishes.

But, of course, he prefers anything that's not outfitted for him. For the moment, his favorite places are the fridge and our vegetable bin.

Bob had put some tomatoes on top of the bin to ripen.

Little Elvis found them, dropped them on the floor, and apparently tasted one as well.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Milking it for all it's worth

We have a new spokesmodel for the Got Milk? campaign -- Little Elvis!

His doctor said we could start trying whole milk products at his last appointment, so we headed out to the grocery store the next day.

Bob and I were debating what we should give him the milk in. I keep seeing all of these scary articles on bottles, so we opted for his sippy cup.

Little Elvis wasn't interested in drinking milk out of his sippy cup, though. Since that was a bust, we thought we'd try it with a big boy cup.

When we were in Mississippi in September, my father taught Little Elvis how to drink out of a big boy cup. I was not happy with Coach-pa for this little gem, because Little Elvis is no longer content to just suck on the bottom of my water glass.

But it came in handy for his first few sips of whole milk! I think he would look great in a milk moustache commercial.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Just like Daddy

Little Elvis adores his daddy. Whenever Bob gets home from work in the evenings, his little face lights up and he crawls toward the front door as fast as he can.

Bob plays the mandolin or guitar for Little Elvis most nights and Little Elvis has begun "playing" them as well.

This evening Bob was practicing for a show this weekend. Little Elvis wanted to play too.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Scaredy cats

Baby gates can do more than keep babies out of rooms they shouldn't be in. In our house, baby gates can keep the cats imprisoned as well.

Doesn't Wally look pitiful?

Our cats absolutely refuse to jump over the gates. Wally will sit at the base of the gate until I see him and lug him over the gate. Slappy just runs from me and looks sad until I take the gate down to let her through.

Their fear of the gates is mind-boggling to me. Slappy can jump to the top of our more than 6-feet-tall hutch (which has breakables on top) without a running start. She used to run along the rafters at our old house. Wally can jump on top of our table, cabinets and washing machine.

But for some reason, they don't think they can jump over the baby gates.

Bob thinks they aren't trying to jump over the gates because they don't have anything to jump onto. I think they are just being scaredy cats.

I gt to lug 17 pound Wally over the gate several times a day. You're probably wondering why I don't just leave them where they are, but we have their litter box in one end of the house, and their food in the other. I don't want to starve them, or leave them for a long time without their litter box.

Silly cats.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Here Kitty Kitty

Little Elvis loves, loves, loves our cats. I'm not so sure the feelings are mutual.

Wally tolerates Little Elvis' "pets," but mainly because he is too stubborn and lazy to run away.
Slappy finds Little Elvis extremely interesting, but appears to be intimidated by him. She jumps and runs away anytime he gets too close.

Either she is getting slower or Little Elvis is getting quicker...

She waited a split second too long here and he grabbed her tail as she jumped to the back of the chair.

Slappy's not hissing, we think she was mid-yelp in that picture.

She stayed out of his reach for the rest of the evening last night.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

"I like big buttons!"

Winter might possibly be Little Elvis' favorite season. Why? Because several of my coats and sweaters have big buttons on them, and they are so much fun!

He loves to inspect them, study them, pull them, bite them and sometimes stretch my shirt in the process.

We were laughing at his antics around one of my jackets when my mom was here and she said, "He likes big buttons!"

I have to give my mom credit. I think it's pretty impressive that she can take a funny event involving Little Elvis and tie it back to one of my favorite songs, "Baby got back." (Confession time: I used to karaoke this song a few years ago, before I realized it was cliche. Oh well. So now I need a new song if I ever do actually karaoke again.)

Monday, November 12, 2007

Evil baby buggy bumper

Hell hath no fury like a pissed off mommy -- at least in my world. I'm not sure I've ever been scorned, but anytime I feel that Little Elvis is getting threatened, I get supremely pissed and sometimes I do rash things -- like smart off to a woman in a super-crowded-half-off-everything-sale.

Today was Little Elvis' 9-month doctor's appointment. And he was great. He flirted with the doctor and chattered throughout the entire visit. I really like his doctor and the office as a whole. So I did not leave the office in a bad mood. In fact, I left the office in a good mood. My baby is doing well and I'm very proud of him.

Bob found out about this half off sale at "the world's largest thrift store," which was close to the doctor's office. We don't need anything, but if the prices are half off, well I am not one to pass up on a great deal.

Neither was anyone else in the area. I had to drive around quite a while to find a parking place and the only one I found was about a half mile from the store. (I might be exaggerating, but it was way too far away.) Little Elvis fell asleep on the drive there and I was not about to wake him up to put him in his umbrella stroller. Smart Mommy that I am, I left his other stroller at home.

I lugged him (all 22 and a half pounds, plus the car seat) all the way to the store. Why would a store that requires all that parking have shopping cart catchers scattered around?

We finally made it to the super thrift store and boy was that place crowded! I managed to find a cart inside and get his car seat latched in without waking him up. Yay! At this point, my arms are tired, but I'm still excited to bargain shop.

Then I get into this mess of a store with thousands of people and no aisle space. I start on the far wall and try to inch my cart around, but people keep cutting me off. I'm not aggressive with my cart since Little Elvis is sweetly sleeping in the top of it. Even though it's obvious that I have precious cargo, other people are not as cautious.

I understand this. I'm not saying that. But there's a difference between pushing me with a cart and playing bumper buggy with my cart of precious cargo. A big difference.

Most of the rude people were running over my toes, so I kept my mouth shut and tried to only go down aisles that didn't have tons of people with them.

Then, some woman had the audacity to bang my cart out of her way and spit "Sorry" at me. I turned to look at the sweatsuit clad baby buggy bumper and said, "Really? Are you really sorry?" in a pissed off tone.

The woman was shocked that I had the audacity to even respond and said that yes she was really sorry, but she was trying to get around the older woman that was blocking the aisle while looking for bras. (It's a bad mental picture, don't do it!)

I guess if your choice is to hit an older lady or a sleeping baby, you should hit the baby. It's asking way too much to say, "Excuse me," to the older lady.

The woman harrumphed at me and kept right on going, and thankfully didn't hit the toddlers that were playing right in front of my cart.

Grr. I'm still pissed just remembering it. Regardless to say, it definitely put a damper on my bargain hunting. I went down a few more aisles, but my heart wasn't in it. And my head was thinking about the long trek back to the car with Little Elvis (still asleep!) in his carseat.

I didn't get anything, but I can't imagine how I would have gotten it to the car anyway.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Go Dawgs!

The football season isn't even over and my Bulldogs are bowl eligible! Go Dawgs!

Now Mississippi State's football team has had some rough seasons recently, but I think I know what turned this year around...

The team and Coach Croom might not agree, but I think Little Elvis has been their good luck charm.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Love bites

Poor Little Elvis. Not only does he have a goose egg on his noggin, he's also got a runny nose and a tooth that is refusing to come in.

Tooth number six has been sitting on the cusp for about two weeks now. I am very angry at this tooth. Whenever Little Elvis starts cutting a tooth, he sleeps less and bites me more.

He doesn't fuss so much during the day, but he wakes up at least twice at night when a tooth gets close to dropping.

And he gives me lots of love nips. Little Elvis thinks my chin is the best teething ring ever. But if I turn my head or pull back, he'll just as happily bite my jaw, cheek, neck or collar bone. Even though I say a stern, "No" when it happens, I've managed to make "Bite Mommy" a fun game for him. Whenever I say no and pull away, he smiles and coos quite happily.

I fussed about the biting a few weeks ago to Bob, and asked him what he did when Little Elvis bit him. Bob's response, "I don't LET him bite me." This snide comment irked me, but I didn't say anything. I knew that that little quip would come back to bite him.

And it did last weekend. My mom was in town and we decided to go to the National Zoo. Since Little Elvis was cutting tooth number six back then, (I REALLY don't like that tooth) he was chewing on whatever he could.
Bob was toting our sweet little man in our hip carrier, while my mom and I dawdled behind him. Suddenly Bob yelped and looked down at Little Elvis. Our little guy had given his Daddy a nice little love nip on his chest. Ha!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Goose egg

Little Elvis got his first real goose egg bump yesterday, and I'm feeling terribly guilty.

He likes to cruise around on our furniture in the living room, and most of the furniture is very baby friendly. We have two storage ottomans that we bought to hold his toys and a padded regular ottoman, along with an overstuffed love seat and a padded chair.

But there's one chair in our room that is not padded on the front -- our glider. We don't have one of those nice cushy gliders. We got one off craigslist that looks like a wooden rocker. It has a seat cushion, but the front of it is wooden.

This chair is a favorite for the cats, so it's very attractive to Little Elvis.

Yesterday he was trying to lure Slappy over to him by standing up in front of the glider, cooing and slapping his hand on the cushion. (For some reason, she does not fall for this incredibly cute demand.) In his excitement, he lost grip on the chair and fell forward, hitting his little forehead on the chair.

Usually, Little Elvis doesn't cry when he takes a tumble. And if he does cry, it's more out of frustration than pain -- I've decided that his feelings are much more fragile than his sensory feelings.

But this time he wailed, and when I picked him up I saw a little purple bruise. He calmed down fairly quickly, but I spent the rest of the day feeling guilty.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Little Elvis work-out

It is so fun to watch Little Elvis crawl around and cruise around on the furniture. He tries to pull up to standing on everything he can get his little hands on, and he's successful a good bit of the time.

We are so proud of him and his accomplishments, but man have my days become more hectic. He is a pro at scouting out whatever it is in the room that I don't want him to find and putting it in his mouth.

Somehow he found a leaf in the living room yesterday (maybe it came in on the bottom of my shoe?) I found the leaf sticking out of his mouth.

Little Elvis can pull to standing on all the ottomans and chairs in our living room, he can pull himself up with the latch on our hutch, the oven, drawers, my legs, (standing, sitting or lying down) his safety gates, the inside of his playpen, the outside of his crib and his high chair.

My favorite is the high chair. This entertains him for several minutes while I fix his food.

He's also pretty good at pulling to standing on the walls. He's not 100 percent at this, though.

So our days are pretty much filled with standing and sitting. If that was it, then we would have a super happy house.

Unfortunately for the cats, standing and sitting aren't the only things he loves to do.

Little Elvis adores the cats. He's just like Elmyra from Tiny Toons. He wants to love them and hug them and pull their ears.

For some crazy reason, the cats don't enjoy this. Little Elvis doesn't realize that they don't enjoy his version of petting them, so he chases after them.

I'm hoping that this new game will help Wally tone up his belly.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Huggies relief

I may be jinxing us here, but we're pretty sure we've solved Little Elvis' nighttime pee problem. He's been known to "pee out" of his diaper two-to-three times a night.

We had been using Diaper Doublers, but still had to change those a couple of times a night. If we didn't, then we'd have to change an unhappy baby into a new pair of pajamas in the dark (not to mention changing the crib sheets.)

Plus, the only store that we've found that sells Diaper Doublers isn't close. Last week we ran out of the Diaper Doublers and I hated to waste the gas to drive to the other town to get them.

So, we decided to just test our luck without the extra pee-tection.

As luck would have it, we had just opened a package of Huggies. As two big cheapies, we're always looking for the best diaper deal. That's bitten us in the butts several times. Remember the time Little Elvis went through three outfits during one baby sale? Yep, he was wearing off-brands.

But, with sales and coupons we can usually get great deals on Pampers. And Pampers work very well for us during the day.

Two weeks ago, we happened to get a good deal on Huggies with a coupon. And those diapers have been stemming the tide at night.

He slept until 4:30 this morning and was still dry when I went in to feed him!

Little Elvis now wears Pampers during the day and Huggies at night. And I'm going to start searching online for more Huggies coupons!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Bad mommy on aisle three

I think it's great that grocery stores around here have flu shots. It's a great way to kill two birds with one stone, and I don't have to entertain Little Elvis while sitting in a boring waiting room.

So, I headed out to the grocery store this week with a shopping list, a baby who was close to nap time and an exposed arm.

We didn't have to wait in line or anything. And once the shot was over, we motored around the store, picking up stuff on our list.

I left Little Elvis in the car seat for this trip because I hoped he would go to sleep. He didn't, instead he made friends with just about everyone in the store, especially the older people.

Our list had two items on it, but I needed to spend at least 15 minutes in the store in case I had a reaction to the flu shot. We ended up puttering up and down several aisles looking for good deals.

And I found a great deal! The store had plastic bags full of random bottles of beer and wine for $4 a bag. I immediately phoned Bob to see which bag o' beer he would like. As I was digging through the bags and reading out labels, Little Elvis was somehow beckoning people to our cart.

As I was putting Bob's bag o' beer in the cart, I heard a man saying something. I turned around and an older man was talking to Little Elvis. The man said something about Little Elvis' smile, and went on his way.

I turned back to the bags of cheap alcohol to get Bob's advice on which bag of small wine bottles I should get. This time a woman that was about my age stopped to visit with Little Elvis.

I tossed a bag in the cart and told Bob I had to go because all of these people were playing with our son while I was digging through a cart of cheap alcohol. I'm sure they were all very impressed with my parenting skills.

Prepping for visit from Gram

My mom is coming for a visit this weekend. She gets into town this evening. Yay!

I love when my parents are able to come for a visit. I really miss them, and feel so guilty that they can't see him as much as they would like. Especially since he's doing so many new things and learning so much right now.

When I was growing up, we lived in the same town as my dad's parents and my mom's parents lived 30 minutes away. At the time, I felt like my mom's parents were so far away. And 30 minutes is nothing when compared to 18 hours.

Do you guys live close to your children's grandparents? How do you deal with the guilt?