Monday, November 12, 2007

Evil baby buggy bumper

Hell hath no fury like a pissed off mommy -- at least in my world. I'm not sure I've ever been scorned, but anytime I feel that Little Elvis is getting threatened, I get supremely pissed and sometimes I do rash things -- like smart off to a woman in a super-crowded-half-off-everything-sale.

Today was Little Elvis' 9-month doctor's appointment. And he was great. He flirted with the doctor and chattered throughout the entire visit. I really like his doctor and the office as a whole. So I did not leave the office in a bad mood. In fact, I left the office in a good mood. My baby is doing well and I'm very proud of him.

Bob found out about this half off sale at "the world's largest thrift store," which was close to the doctor's office. We don't need anything, but if the prices are half off, well I am not one to pass up on a great deal.

Neither was anyone else in the area. I had to drive around quite a while to find a parking place and the only one I found was about a half mile from the store. (I might be exaggerating, but it was way too far away.) Little Elvis fell asleep on the drive there and I was not about to wake him up to put him in his umbrella stroller. Smart Mommy that I am, I left his other stroller at home.

I lugged him (all 22 and a half pounds, plus the car seat) all the way to the store. Why would a store that requires all that parking have shopping cart catchers scattered around?

We finally made it to the super thrift store and boy was that place crowded! I managed to find a cart inside and get his car seat latched in without waking him up. Yay! At this point, my arms are tired, but I'm still excited to bargain shop.

Then I get into this mess of a store with thousands of people and no aisle space. I start on the far wall and try to inch my cart around, but people keep cutting me off. I'm not aggressive with my cart since Little Elvis is sweetly sleeping in the top of it. Even though it's obvious that I have precious cargo, other people are not as cautious.

I understand this. I'm not saying that. But there's a difference between pushing me with a cart and playing bumper buggy with my cart of precious cargo. A big difference.

Most of the rude people were running over my toes, so I kept my mouth shut and tried to only go down aisles that didn't have tons of people with them.

Then, some woman had the audacity to bang my cart out of her way and spit "Sorry" at me. I turned to look at the sweatsuit clad baby buggy bumper and said, "Really? Are you really sorry?" in a pissed off tone.

The woman was shocked that I had the audacity to even respond and said that yes she was really sorry, but she was trying to get around the older woman that was blocking the aisle while looking for bras. (It's a bad mental picture, don't do it!)

I guess if your choice is to hit an older lady or a sleeping baby, you should hit the baby. It's asking way too much to say, "Excuse me," to the older lady.

The woman harrumphed at me and kept right on going, and thankfully didn't hit the toddlers that were playing right in front of my cart.

Grr. I'm still pissed just remembering it. Regardless to say, it definitely put a damper on my bargain hunting. I went down a few more aisles, but my heart wasn't in it. And my head was thinking about the long trek back to the car with Little Elvis (still asleep!) in his carseat.

I didn't get anything, but I can't imagine how I would have gotten it to the car anyway.


Blogger Lainey-Paney said...

that's the way I feel at the WalMart near us.

I swear, going there is....exhausting, and I get so tired of all the rude people stopping in the middle of an aisle--blocking the whole thing, people bumping into me, and the blue vests that read, "may I help you"(or something like that) & then when you ask for help, they don't know where a darn thing is---but they were busy in the first place--catching up w/ their friends who are also there shopping. A total ass-whooping is what it is.

...but, I commend you for saying something. Every now & again it feels good to just call somebody on their behavior, isn't it?

12:07 PM  
Blogger mpotter said...

way to go to say something!!!
i tend to make underthebreath snide remarks like my own harumph or something.


but think of all the money you saved! ha.

7:56 PM  
Anonymous Dawn @ Coming to a Nursery Near You said...

holy baby crap, what are you feeding him? Miracle grow? LOL Zach MIGHT hit 17 lbs ... although probably not - by next week's appointment LOL

As for the broad in the store, I would have said "EXCUSE me!" and made sure she knew she'd pissed me off. The nerve of people never ceases to amaze me!

10:58 AM  

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