Thursday, December 06, 2007

Bob's favorite things

Bob here, Meredith's husband and Little Elvis' dad. I'd like to share some of my favorite things or perhaps some of Little Elvis' favorite things that Mere might have overlooked (in no particular order):

  1. Our camcorder -- We bought our camcorder a couple of weeks before Little Elvis arrived. We decided to spend a little more to get a hard-drive camcorder and I think it was a very wise decision. We love the size, picture quality, and ease of getting camera files on to the computer for editing. Most of the video that is on the blog was shot with this camera and edited with the basic software that came with the camera. Not to mention the fact that Little Elvis seems to love this particular camera as well -- he hears the little beep when it powers up and stops whatever cute activity he was engaged in (and typically why we reached for the camera in the first place), adopts his gregarious TV persona and his eyes never leave the lens.
  2. Storage ottomans -- We replaced the coffee table in our living room with a couple of ottomans for a couple of reasons. First of all, we were afraid that Little Elvis would hit his head on the hard wood or the sharp corners of the coffee table even with the protective corner bumpers installed. Secondly, in our tiny living room, the coffee table was taking up a lot of space without offering much in the way of storage. We replaced the coffee table with a leather ottoman and a plush ottoman, both with lifting lids that allow for storage of most of Little Elvis' toys. They double as toyboxes, are the perfect height for our little cruiser and his little head has remained unscathed thus far.
  3. Slappy and Wally -- Our cats, it turns out, were good parenting practice for Mere and I. No, we never diapered them or pushed them in strollers, but we've always played with them and given them a lot of attention. While they've taken a bit of a back seat in the past year, they are now getting more attention than they want from Little Elvis. He likely sees them as stuffed animals that play with him, rather than just sit there. In most cases, they are just trying to stay out of his way (especially Slappy), but are very tolerant of his petting (especially Wally). They'll become fast friends in coming years.
  4. Little Elvis' guitar -- Okay, I love to play the guitar, so I bought a guitar for Little Elvis (recommended for ages 7 and up) months before his arrival. When he was really small I would play it for him occasionally. Now that he can crawl and stand, I bring it down for a little while every day. He likes to kneel or stand, using the guitar (that I'm holding) for balance. He flaps his arm and strums the strings and seems to really enjoy it. He occasionally channels Jimi Hendrix and tries to bite the strings, but I generally discourage this behavior. His latest thing is to look at the guitar from the front (the body of the guitar looks like a soccer ball), then lay down and turn halfway over to see the back of the guitar, which is blank. I think he's discovering that one object can look different on its two sides -- pretty smart little dude!
  5. Soap bubbles -- This one is mainly for me (and Slappy, our cat). Little Elvis will pop a couple if they sit on the floor, but I could blow bubbles for him and Slappy all day. If nothing else, it is a bonding experience as it brings Slappy about as close as she will voluntarily come to Little Elvis.
  6. Welcome home, Daddy! -- I'm not sure if it's one of Little Elvis' favorite parts of the day, but one of my best moments each day is walking in the front door of the house each evening. If Little Elvis is within view, he lights up and gives me a big smile. If he can't be seen, but is within earshot, all I have to do is call his name and he crawls within view in a matter of seconds.
  7. Rock-a-bye baby -- Little Elvis has troubles sleeping from time to time. We've read (and found that it is true) that it is best for the father to attend to a crying baby at night, so that midnight snacking is not an option. I pick our crying little boy up and rock with him for 10 to 20 minutes. I don't let him wiggle very much, don't talk or sing to him, and for the most part don't even look at him. I also don't really think about the sleep I'm missing -- all I think about how important it is to get him back to sleep so that he can get his proper rest. Being able to get him to sleep at these times makes me feel important -- most of his other physical needs are met by Meredith. I can contribute in this little way and that makes it one of my favorite things.


Blogger Kelly Malloy said...

How cool to have a dad's view! Our boys love to stop their cuteness whenever the camcorder is on too!

12:06 AM  
Blogger Be Inspired Always said...

You need to just set the camcorder up somewhere and not tell them. It's amazing what you capture when you do that.

I'm new to your blog, please feel welcomed to visit mine.


4:33 PM  
Blogger Ann(ie) said...

Good List!! And Ottomans are a great idea...I might have to copy you!

11:18 PM  

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