Thursday, December 13, 2007

I need an intern

I used to work in local television news. I was a producer. It was a sometimes exciting job, but there were definitely tedious parts of the job. That was the great thing about interns.

The medical tapes were out of order? Have an intern organize them! Don't want to log bites from a super boring interview? Have an intern do it! There's a whole closet full of old tapes that need to be organized? That's exactly what an intern is for!

I always felt perfectly justified for this outlook, because as an intern I spent a summer locked in a tiny room logging way too many tapes for a proposed show that never happened. Yep. All of my logging was for nothing. Are you wondering what logging is? It's where you watch a tape and write down what happens when. You use timecodes to do this. It's tedious work that doesn't require any real brain power.

Why do I need an intern now? Not for the jobs you might think. I really don't mind the brainless work, like washing pots and pans and taking out the trash. It's nice to not think sometimes.

Bob and I bought a camcorder the week before Little Elvis arrived. And we use this thing constantly. We decided to compile a video of Little Elvis' whole life for Christmas. And our video is not labeled or organized. It's just a series of numbers, letters and dates. That means one of us needs to watch all of the old video and write down what is recorded and where.

Not only is this job tedious, it requires the computer. I can only use the computer when Little Elvis is napping or sleeping.

This is why I need an intern. I need someone to watch some unbelievably adorable video of my baby and write down what happens. I'm not asking for timecode specifics, just basic descriptions to go with each bit of video.

Have I mentioned that it's absolutely amazing how much he has grown and changed? I'm actually enjoying watching most of the video. Maybe I should stop complaining and wasting my precious nap time and get back to logging video of Little Elvis.


Blogger Laura said...

What an amazing idea...both having an intern and making a video for Christmas...I hope you share some of it!

Thanks for sharing!

Happy Holidays!

10:22 PM  
Blogger mpotter said...

well, i'm assuming watching and "logging" video of precious elvis is a lot more exciting than the ones you did for the show that didn't happen......

sounds like interesting work you did.

10:26 PM  

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