Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Little Elvis' favorite things -- the non-toy edition

Little Elvis has lots of real toys that he plays with everyday. But he also has lots of non-toys that he's found to be just as, if not more, fun.

He adores his aspirator. I know that's gross. It's clean... now. At first he just chewed on the bulb part and held the pointed end, kind of like he was working on a lollypop. Then, he decided the pointed end was just as much fun. I tried to take his nose aspirator away and give him an oral one that we had never used. He prefers the nasal one.

We got a three-pack of silicone basting brushes and gave him one. Oh, he likes this thing. He likes to lather it up with as much slobber as possible and then fling it everywhere. Sometimes I "paint" him with this brush. He gets the happiest grin on his face when I do this.

Bob decommissioned one of our remotes so Little Elvis could have a real one to play with. Bob took the batteries out and taped the back on. At first Little Elvis liked this a lot, but then he realized that it wasn't the remote Mommy and Daddy used. He prefers the real remote.

Little Elvis has also developed a thing for my necklaces and bracelets. I had a couple that I thought were "indestructable." He managed to destruct one, but he hasn't figured out how to affect the others... yet.

He loves the belts that keep him secure on his changing table, in his carseat and on his high chair. He fusses when I lay him down to change him, but changes his tune as soon as that belt is snapped closed. And he can stand up by the high chair for minutes at a time, just pulling at the belt tabs. Maybe it's the texture of the belts? Who knows.

We saved one of his family pack diaper boxes, and Bob pulls him around the house in it. Little Elvis seems to have so much fun when Bob does this.

He discovered the flushing mechanism on the toilet on Sunday. He played with it while put on my make-up. I didn't think he could actually flush the toilet. He did, and once he heard that fun noise, he wanted to hear it more. Now I have one more thing to shield from him when we go to the bathroom... yay.

I made him his own little drawer in the kitchen, full of his dishes. We put a finger guard on it and he was pretty happy with that drawer and the dishes. But he managed to catch his finger between the drawer and the wall last weekend. I can't think of a way to keep that from happening, so we've cordoned off the kitchen for now. He hates this. When he would tire of his drawer, he would crawl over to our vegetable bin and rub his fingers on the mesh covering the bins, and possibly chew a tomato. Now he has to just stand at his gate and cry until I leave the kitchen. It's not fun for either of us.

I guess his biggest non-toys would be the cats. How he loves the cats. Slappy still won't get near him, but Wally is too stubborn and lazy to move. So Little Elvis gets to pull on fur, whiskers, a tail, basically whatever he can reach.

I know there are tons more unorthodox toys that he plays with every day, but these are the big ones (that are right in front of me at this moment.)

He's so creative!


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