Monday, December 03, 2007

Little Elvis' favorite things

Little Elvis has many more likes than dislikes. He can find something interesting in just about anything, especially something that Mommy and Daddy are holding.

But some toys stick out more than others.

Here are Little Elvis' Top Ten:

1. One toy that's been a favorite since about 3 1/2 to 4 months is his Baby Buzzr. This toy can vibrate, play music, and its eyes will even flash red. Little Elvis can grip onto the rubbery side teething things and turn the music, vibrations or eyes on at will. It's great for car trips. He likes to play with it while he's in his car seat, and we don't have to listen to it too much for it to really get on our nerves. I bought it at a baby consignment sale, but I've seen them at TJ Maxx for around $5.

2. Another favorite is his exersaucer. We got a 3-in-1 Evenflo Exersaucer from some of my mom's friends. This contraption entertained Little Elvis when he was an infant, and once we assembled it for him to sit and swivel, he had the best time. We've upgraded it to the 3rd stage - this stage requires him to stand up -- and he seems to like it even more.

3. The Fisher Price Activity Walker has become a fast favorite. As soon as our little guy started standing and cruising, he realized just how fun this toy can be. It's become one of his favorite daily activities. He looks so proud and pleased with himself when he's cruising around the living room.

4. He also loves his stacking rings. These are a relatively new love for him. He doesn't like to stack them, but he absolutely loves to unstack them as Bob and I stack them.

5. We got him Playskool's Melody Mixin' Drum Set for his 6 month birthday and he seems to really like it. I think he likes it for the same reason he likes the stacking rings, except he can put the little musical toys into the drum as well as take them out. The songs change as he adds or takes away the musical toys. I'm not sure he realizes that, but he enjoys putting them and pulling them out.

6. He loves books, but we've discovered that the only ones we can use around him are ones that are plastic or fabric. He likes to turn the pages and chew on the edges and wave them up and down.

7. Bouncy balls are also a fun part of his day. He has a big ball that he can he likes to grip with both fists and a smaller one that he can hold onto more easily. These were great when he was first learning to scoot and crawl because they would roll away from him and he would chase them. Now he likes to grab them and shake them up and down.

8. He also loves his plastic dump truck. He rolls it around and shakes it up and down as well. Shaking just about anything is lots of fun.

9. Bob likes to blow bubbles for Little Elvis every evening. Little Elvis likes to hunt down the bubbles that land on the floor and pop them. At first I thought Bob did the bubble thing for himself, but Little Elvis has really taken to them.

10. Last, but certainly not least is his rubber ducky. He has a mommy ducky that he takes his bath with each evening and two baby duckies -- one in the diaper bag and another just in with his regular toys. The baby duckies fit perfectly in his little hands and his little mouth. The mommy ducky easily fits within both hands and is also pretty tasty.

There you have it, Little Elvis' favorite real toys. He also loves lots of random objects. I'll write about those tomorrow.


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thanks. that could be helpful to a new mom when thinking about what to shop for (or someone who's buying for a new mom)

i'm sure it's fun times around your house!

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