Monday, December 10, 2007

Not so favorite things

Little Elvis actually likes -- or seems to like -- most toys, foods, games and objects. This post will actually be pretty short.

He hates napping. At least he hates the whole realization that he's about to be left in his crib by himself. I hear about these moms whose babies take 3 hour naps and wonder, "What am I doing wrong?"

The abhorance of napping causes him to have issues with two other things -- the glider and the mechanized swing. He knows that these both should lead to naps and gets fussy when we he gets near them. Luckily we didn't spend too much on either of those items.

He is usually really good about going to sleep at night, though.

He is also a wonderful eater. We've only found one food that he wasn't super fond of -- cantaloupes. This was a food that I thought would be just perfect for him -- it's sweet, mushy and did so well in our food processor. It's the only food he's gagged over. I didn't see the point in forcing him to eat it.

When he was a newborn, he startled at the sound of velcro. I was using a "Breast Friend" to help me with nursing. Luckily we both got better at nursing and I was able to use pillows or the Boppy. Velcro doesn't seem to bother him any now.

There are other things that upset him, (like when I won't let him chew on my cell phone) but I'm pretty sure those upset most babies.