Sunday, January 13, 2008

Mommy's secret, exciting life

Little Elvis here. Mommy shares her thoughts on me, so why can't I do the same?

My mommy has a secret, exciting life. I just know that she does. Sure, she plays with me, changes my diapers, feeds me, you know, all the normal stuff. But once she puts me in my crib (ahem, jail) for my nap (torture time), I know that all the mommy-stuff changes.

I bet she takes down all the baby gates and chases the cats all over the house. She probably even goes back to her bedroom and pulls out all her necklaces and puts them on. Then I bet she jumps on the bed. When she's tired of that, she probably goes to the bathroom and flushes the toilet a few times (oh, how I love to flush the toilet!) and pulls out the drawer full of fun stuff that I'm not supposed to open.

I know she pulls out the computer and taps all the keys. She knows how much I like to do that!

How can I sleep when I know she is out here having so much fun without me? Do you blame me for crying and crying and crying and crying until I either pass out in exhaustion or she finally feels sorry for me? Of course not.

The weird thing is, when she comes to rescue me from my prison, the house looks the same. Most of my toys have been put up, but that's the only difference I can find. That just means she's good at hiding her secret, exciting life.

Don't worry. I will catch her being fun and super-exciting. And when I do, I will report all of the fun, amazing stuff she's doing.

--Little Elvis (sleepy, sleepy baby)


Blogger Marla said...

That is too cute! I truly remember thinking fun things were taking place when I went to bed as a kid. I was always pretty sad that I was missing out on all of the fun! Great story!

10:44 PM  
Anonymous Laura McIntyre said...

Loving seing Little Elvis veiw, wonder if thats what kids really think

5:40 AM  

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