Monday, January 21, 2008

Seven things about me

I have been tagged by Marla, and it seems like a fun one. I'm supposed to list seven interesting, true or weird things about myself.

1. Before I had Little Elvis, I tried to start my own little clothing line. I called the pieces I created completely from scratch MereWear, and the pieces that I embellished M-bellishments. I made a few hundred dollars from my pieces, which included purses, dresses, skirts, shirts, etc. I tried to sell my stuff at craft fairs, but they weren't a good fit. We tried to design a website, but website design and sales are definitely NOT my strong suit. And the fact that all of my pieces were one-of-a-kind made putting stuff up on the site or taking stuff to sales very tedious. I'm trying to empty out what's left of my stuff through craigslist now, (and since my salesmanship is not good, not having too much luck at it) and then I want to start fresh. I'm thinking severely edited, but several different colors and styles. We still have the website, so I just need to sell everything in our garage and then get Little Elvis to nap in increments of longer than 30 minutes.

2. I am allergic to most fruits and vegetables. We didn't find out until I was 24. It's typically easier for me to list what I can eat than what I can't. Crazy, huh? Some of the crazier ones include lettuce, corn (I really miss corn) and celery. We were worried about Little Elvis having food allergies, and I really debated starting him on rice, (yep, another allergy) but he's done well with everything we've given him. None of my allergies are life-threatening, they are just frustrating.

3. I LOVE football. As I type this, I'm wearing my new Peyton Manning jersey that my Dad made me for Christmas. I was incredibly frustrated with my beloved Colts last week, but am so thrilled about the Giants! I seriously thought I might have Little Elvis on Super Bowl Sunday last year, because I was so excited about the Colts going to the Super Bowl and winning. Thankfully, Little Elvis decided to wait a week.

4. I am a terrible friend. At least I think I am. My mom still does yearly trips with her three best friends from high school. Bob is still close with two of his friends from college. I occasionally email one friend from high school, and don't really talk to any of my friends from college. We've moved several times since we've been married and I manage to lose touch with my friends with each move. And although I was fairly close to a couple of my co-workers at my last job, now I only email with them sporadically. This frustrates me, and as a stay-at-home mom, I get lonely. It's one thing I worry about pretty much daily. I really hope Little Elvis doesn't inherit my issues with keeping friends. I know they are important. One caveat here -- I did intentionally drop some of my friends, because they weren't good friends to begin with. And even though those relationships were toxic, I miss the comraderie sometimes.

5. I always thought I would love being a mom, but I didn't think it would be as enjoyable as it has been. There are times when I'm so exhausted and drained, but when I look into those sweet, beautiful brown eyes, I get enough energy to keep on rocking or singing or breastfeeding.

6. We had to have an emergency C-section with Little Elvis. I have never been so scared in my entire life. For the first two weeks after we got home, I was convinced that it was my fault because I got an epidural. And I still feel like less of a woman because I didn't have my baby naturally. I joke that the doctor saw my reaction to the catheter and knew I wouldn't be able to handle it.

7. For something much, much lighter, Bob proposed to me while performing with some friends at a party. He and two of his co-workers had a band they called Uncle Jesse's Still. He was moving to Tennessee, so this was his going-away party. For the last song, the girl in the band came and got me and then Bob played "Question" by Old 97s and got down on one knee. This song is really beautiful. They played it on Scrubs when Turk proposed to Carla (you can actually hear part of the song on this clip) and it was played on some other sitcom as well. Bob performed it at our wedding. He's such a romantic! I am so, so lucky.

If anyone who reads this wants to participate, please do and let me know so I can go read your list of seven!

Thanks Marla!


Blogger Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

How cool that you make clothes! I know some other designing mommies too. One girl had some success on ebay and then moved to her own site. Good luck getting that going again!
OH! My dh sang 'our' song to me on our wedding day too, so romantic!

10:06 PM  
Blogger Marla said...

I really enjoyed reading your list and learning more about you! Seems you have talent and that is a good thing. Little kids keep ya busy for a while, so what I tell myself is there is a season and I will get my creative stuff done in small bits. I just have to be happy with that for right now.

Friends are difficult. They come and go and I always feel guilty about losing friends. Try not to beat yourself up about it. Moving and keeping friends is a real challenge. Hopefully your friend worries are not keeping you from meeting some women to become friends with in your area.

Glad you enjoyed the tag! I love reading your blog and seeing how Lil' Elvis is doing.

11:20 PM  
Blogger Lainey-Paney said...

I have a mega allergy to peaches. So far, Gage has been good w/ food. He's um---allergic to something, but we're not sure what it is. We first thought it was shellfish, but that has been ruled out.

Now, he's had allergic rxns X2 so far, but we haven't been able to determine if it is a food or something topical.

I haven't bothered to do the allergy testing yet b/c (1) his reactions have been so few & far between, (2) I don't want to put him through all that! & (3) I don't want to pay for it. Seriously---if it turns out that he's allergic to some random preservative, but they aren't listed individually as's going to make us all crazy, and back to #1---his rxns have been so few & far between....

10:21 AM  
Anonymous Dawn @ Coming to a Nursery Near You said...

ok, your list is so cool! Btw - I felt the same exact way when I had to have my first baby by emergency c-section. I totally understand, believe me! Hell, I feel like that after THREE!

11:37 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

I really enjoyed reading this is nice to get to know new friends through their posts and facts. I can relate to a few as well. Thank you for sharing!

5:09 PM  
Blogger Ann(ie) said...

I think nurturing friendships is almost an art and it takes a lot of time. When you're married with a family a lot of that has to fall by the sucks and it doesn't b/c you can let so of some of those frenemy's we tend to gather. But, I hear you b/c I work so I see a lot of friends daily, but staying home on maternity leave was hard on me. I was extremely lonely!!! Always remember you've got your blogger peeps so you're never really alone. xo.

3:49 PM  
Anonymous Laura McIntyre said...

Im a terrible friend to, part of my problem is complete phone fear so i never stay in touch. Loved hearing about your clothing biz

6:28 AM  
Blogger mpotter said...

those were great tidbits!
you sound quite creative.

thanks for sharing about you.

2:08 PM  

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