Monday, March 03, 2008


We're back! And I'm in a changing sort of mood. Poor Bob. While we were gone, he worked on taking apart some stereo cases and moving his desk and other things around the house to make a sort of play room for Little Elvis. These looked great, but I wanted MORE.

The first night we were back, I started setting up all of Little Elvis' new toys and rearranging his old ones. My Dad and Bob both helped. Then I needed to move all the chairs. I could not stop myself.

As soon as I woke up on Saturday, I was ready to move our hutch, table, and other odds and ends. I'm sure Bob and my Dad (who spent the weekend with us) would have rather done other things, but I needed that hutch moved.

After all of that stuff was done, I still needed to change more. We've been home since late Friday night and our living room/dining area looks completely different. I've also reorganized most of the kitchen cabinets and worked on Little Elvis' room. I can't stop myself.

The good news is that Little Elvis absolutely loves having two rooms to run around. He loves all of his new toys -- as well as his old toys -- but he seems to enjoy this new freedom so much more.

I'm not sure where my crazy need to redo our whole house is coming from. I remember reading about how some pregnant women know when the baby is about to arrive because they start cleaning and rearranging everything. Maybe my cleaning phase took a year to kick in?


Blogger Marla said...

I was wondering if you were pregnant or adopting. Nesting, I think is the word for it. Before we adopted my house was so organized and like you I could not stop working on it. I was determined my nest would be perfect. Of course it got messed up soon enough once M arrived. I was the same way before my last surgery. I could not stop cleaning.

Glad you are back and full of energy!!!!

12:41 PM  
Anonymous Dawn @ Coming to a ...blahblahblahhhhhhhhh said...

I'm gonna vote for an EPT LOL

4:08 PM  
Blogger mpotter said...

ha! a little late...
glad you enjoyed the nesting phase. maybe now you feel like you can handle it. i guess when you're teetering 9mos pregnant, moving furniture and getting everything ready can be a little stressful. (; kudos to you for finding the time.

5:52 PM  

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