Sunday, September 14, 2008

Whatever the weather

Bob had a big weekend. Not only did he track Hurricane Ike on late Friday night/early Saturday morning (from home!), he also performed at Launchfest - NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center's open house - most of the day on Saturday.

For those of you who don't know, Bob is a children's entertainer in his spare time and has written a CD of children's weather songs. You can hear snippets of them all at his website --

We've shot two music videos for those songs that I've put up recently -- you can find links to those on my right nav, or you can visit his youtube page.

I plan on adding more stuff to that page now that things are settling down here. And we have a new music video in the works!

This is a video of him performing a song he wrote about impending fatherhood and performed for me the week before Little Elvis arrived. I've been trying to organize our sites, and realized that I had never put this song up. It's funny and sweet. Hope you guys like it!

Oh, and we have been working on something new for Bob's website. I'm hoping to debut part of it in the next couple of months! It'll be more in line with the stuff I actually wanted to produce when I worked in news.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Meredith's husband, Bob, checking in. Just in case you can't catch all the lyrics to the song:

My baby’s got some news she says I best sit down
She's got a smile on her face that I just can’t figure out
Is it a birthday, anniversary, occasion I’m forgetting?
My knees begin to shake, palms they start to sweating
She says “Relax, honey” it’s not that bad
Goodness, gracious, I’m gonna be a dad

If I’m gonna be a dad, I gotta be a better person
Gotta get myself in shape, stop smokin', quit cursin'
If I’m gonna be a dad I gotta be a role model
That means no more drinking, only the babe should hit the bottle
It’s more responsibility than I’ve ever had
Goodness, gracious, I’m gonna be a dad

Goodness, gracious, cross my fingers, thank my lucky stars
I’m so excited, never thought I’d get to say it
I even bought my boy a brand-new soccer ball guitar
And it’ll still be years before he gets to play it

We’ve got cases of baby food, we know we gotta feed ‘em
Every title Golden Book, we’ll prob’ly never get to read’ em,
Every type of baby wipe, just in case we ever need ‘em
We’re ready as can be and now we just can’t wait to meet ‘em
If it needed doin’, it’s done been did
Goodness, gracious, all we need is the kid
Goodness, gracious, all we need is the kid
(I’m singing) Goodness, gracious, all we need is the kid

2:35 PM  
Anonymous Dawn @ Coming to a Nursery Near You said...

Omg, I remember when you told me he wrote and sang the song - and I wanted to hear it!

I can't wait to listen to it - when the kidlet isn't sleeping 3 feet away :)

9:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your husband is such a sweetheart. Loved it!

10:06 AM  

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