Wednesday, October 15, 2008

On my growing dislike for obvious-staters

Little Elvis and I are in Mississippi! We've been here for a few days now, and I've just not really gone online too much.

I have some cute pics, but I'm not on my computer at the moment.

Not that any of the people who read my blog would ever do this, but one tiny piece of advice when near a person traveling with an unhappy toddler: Do NOT tell me that someone must be unhappy.

I am his mother. I am very well aware of the fact that he isn't happy. The bright red face and the screaming in my ear are clues to me that my child is not happy.

He wasn't bad while we were flying, but the waiting in my arms while we stood in line to get onto the second plane made him mad. He was ready to go, and the airline people were taking their sweet time.

Did I look at the young deskworker who told me my baby was unhappy and tell her that it looked like she was taking way too long to scan my ticket? No.

Did I tell the woman waiting at the door to point me to the right plane that it looked like her pants were way too tight? No.

If I can keep from stating the obvious when my child is screaming and trying to break out of my arms, then I think others should do the same.

Oh, and another thing -- don't fly if you're contagious! Little Elvis and I had to change seats three times on our first flight because the woman sitting next to us was too sick to fly. At least she warned me I guess...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like a rough flight! I have had people say that to me before too. Now, they just stare and glare.

9:59 PM  
Blogger The Burp Cloth Babe said...

What is wrong with people????

When people in Walmart say, "oh, he is so unhappy." I just say, "yeah, we both are..."

I mean, where does it say that babies and mothers are always happy? It's impossible! Those lever 2000 commercials are misleading...

I love the pant comment, you should fire it off one day just to see what they say back...

4:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's quicker/easier to say "somebody is not happy" to show the Mom/Dad you have empathy for them. It's much more wordy to say ... "Wow it is frustrating when your child is upset...I remember what it is like and how you feel helpless and you want them to be happy again".

1:23 PM  
Blogger Ann(ie) said...

I detest that statement. um, DUH.

1:51 AM  
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