Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas card success!

We attempted Christmas card pics for my mom again last week. I think the third time might be the charm.

This is his typical camera smile. He sees us bring it out, and immediately commences the squinchy face. Notice how he couldn't stop playing to pose?
"You better watch out. Better not cry. Better not pout, I'm telling you why!"
One of my grandmothers gave us a decorative stuffed snowman last year. It has a snowflake on the front that says "Jolly." Oh, how Little Elvis loves playing with Jolly. His favorite game is peek a boo. Jolly hides behind pillows and under chairs and then jumps out to surprise him. "Do you hear what I hear?" This is our favorite shot.
Onto our Christmas card. Yes, Little Elvis is wearing an elf hat. Last year he wore his Santa hat as a toboggan from Black Friday through Christmas. This year we're going to try the elf hat. He loved it on this day.
Although I think the cookie we gave him for posing is the true source of his smile.
This picture is fuzzy, but it demonstrates a newfound interest. Little Elvis loves to pull decorative towels, blankets and pillows. Normally, it's not that big of a deal. We only have the decorative duck towels in the bathroom that he can reach. But for Christmas, I have some decorative towels on the oven rack, throws on chairs, stuffed snow bear in a chair, and the usual towels in the bathroom. He constantly pulls them down. It tickles him. When will he outgrow this?

Here, he flashes his camera-ready squinchy again. I think we're still going to work on getting a picture for our card. I want an action shot of him playing outside... in his elf hat.

Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving! We did. When you celebrate with Little Elvis, it's pretty hard not to have fun!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Little Elvis does not like it when his mommy cooks. And he usually doesn't like what she cooks, either.

In an effort to keep him happy and away from the hot oven, I brought his step-stool into the kitchen and put it in front of the microwave the other day.

He happily climbed up and went after... Bob's coffee pot. Once I showed him the joys of the microwave beeps, it was all good...

Until he started lugging his potty/stepstool out of our bathroom, down the hall, through the living room and into the kitchen everyday.
It takes him a while to get it positioned correctly.
Lucky for me, this is a very noisy endeavor. If I'm in another room putting away clothes, I can tell what my little angel is doing.
He loves the beeps that the microwave makes. And hasn't managed to start a 99 minute cooking session...yet.
"Look what I can do, Mommy!"
The things I will do to keep Little Elvis away from a hot oven.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

How about them apples?

Little Elvis loves him some apples! Here, he has stolen two from the fruit bin and taken bites out of both.
While one pilfered apple is good and two are great, they only become delicious after repeatedly being dropped and rubbed on the floor.
Despite being a fruit thief, he's still the apple of my eye.

Friday, November 21, 2008

King of the ottoman empire

It's been a busy week for Little Elvis, especially when it comes to doing super-cute things while Mommy has the camera out.

We bought a little circular storage ottoman about a year ago, and keep all of his footballs, soccer balls, baseballs, toy balls, etc. in it. Usually he just yanks the lid off, empties the ottoman and runs on his merry little way.
But on Wednesday, he realized the possibilities this ottoman presented, and quickly began to work on conquering it. Here he decided to storm the ottoman while most of the balls were still inside.
No matter, if he needed to take prisoners, then so be it.
Here sits the new ruler of our Ottoman empire. Mommy needs to make him a crown.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

All he wants to do is have some fun

It's been a while since the last Little Elvis music video. It's not that I don't have lots of material to work with -- he is just as cute and curious and wonderful as ever. I've just not been on top of my editing game.

This video is a mishmash of cuteness from August to now. I think you can literally see his hair growing!

I have three other music videos in the works -- all from our Mississippi trip. Two have songs picked out, but I can't come up with a fun song for the third. Anyone know any good songs about ducks? Disco Duck and the Ducktales theme song aren't doing it for me.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

NASCAR trumps Steelers

Bob and I used to live in East Tennessee -- just down the road from the Bristol Motor Speedway. Since we worked at a television station and were in the land of NASCAR, I absorbed quite a bit of knowledge about the sport and its athletes by osmosis.

I distinctly remember talking drivers with my grandfather once and my mom looking at me with a surprised, this-is-not-my-daughter look on her face.

Once we left the land of NASCAR, I went back to my usual self, only watching football and whining while watching baseball with Bob.

It's not that I have too much against car racing, but if watching men stand around a diamond and only sometimes run to a base bores me, then watching cars zoom around a circle is definitely not my idea of entertainment.

As for the wrecks, they just upset me. I can't enjoy that.

Now that I'm a mom, my dislike of NASCAR has grown. And I could only imagine how cool racing would seem to my son.

To prevent dreams of becoming the next Jimmie Johnson, I've done my best to shield my car-loving sweetie from NASCAR.

On Sunday, Little Elvis was not at all interested in the Steelers/Chargers match-up, so he kept changing the channels. Guess what he landed on?
Yep, he found a NASCAR race, and was immediately intrigued. He would point, and dance and was too thrilled with this show.

Every time they cut away to the announcers, he would change the channels in an attempt to find the cars.

Poor Daddy had a devil of a time watching his Steelers squeak by with a win. We're pretty sure it was an exciting game. We only got to see 2-3 second bits of it between channel changes.

I'm pretty sure that if my Colts had been televised, Little Elvis wouldn't have gone channel surfing... right?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Chistmas pics, take 2

As promised, here are some more attempts at making a super-sweet, super-cute Little Elvis Christmas card for my parents.
Clifford's not Christmas-y! Just because he's red? You guys are REALLY stretching here...
Speaking of stretching, what's Christmas-y about this ottoman? Looks like Spring to me!
Now you're giving me a light green blanket and a red pillow? C'mon! I need REAL inspiration here.
I can NOT work under these conditions! A cuddle by Gram helps.
The Disney Channel helps, too.
Uh-oh, I feel a smile coming on -- better put my finger in my mouth!Wait a second! Where did the Happy Monster Band go?
These monkeys aren't half-bad...

OK, OK, I'll give you a real smile. BUT I don't think this background is going to work... Back to the drawing board Mommy!

Christmas card pics, take 1

We start things early in my family. Since my mom was in town over the weekend, I decided that we should go ahead and try to get a Christmas picture for her Christmas cards.

Thirty-seven pictures and two days later.... well... let's just say taking pictures of a Christmas-y Little Elvis was MUCH easier last year.

What do you mean, smile? Why would I smile when you won't let me play with that pretty red wreath?
That wreath WILL be mine!
If only Gram would let me go!!

I WANT that wreath Gram!
You think I'm going to smile if Mommy holds me? Ha! I will stick my fingers in my mouth just in case she tickles me and manages a giggle.
I don't want to SIT on this ottoman. I want to CLIMB on it. You want a smile? Let me climb on this ottoman!Oh yeah. Give the camera to Mommy. Guess she thought if she put it on some random filter she might be able to pretend I was smiling....
It's going to take more than 37 pictures to crack me!

Tune in tomorrow to see a pic of a semi-smile from me, and even some tears.

Any advice on getting him to stand near something Christmas-y and smile at the camera?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Re-covering from the weekend

What did we do this weekend? Well, let's see. We rearranged most of the rooms in our house, AND we reupholstered another chair!

I've liked the IKEA Tullsta chairs for a while, but thought I could find one on craigslist for a steal. After a few months of searching, I finally found one for free! It wasn't in bad shape, but it was dark gray. So it didn't match our other stuff.

No problem, I had some great nubby fabric that I bought a few months ago for such an occasion.

After two nights, several bad finger pokes and even more cursing, we were done!
For two people who have no idea what they are doing, I think we did a pretty good job. This is our second chair to reupholster and we are both happier with this one.
So is Little Elvis!

He also seems to really love our new furniture arrangements. I was anticipating something from him, but he just went with it. He even likes to play in our bedroom now!

Monday, November 10, 2008

I was mistaken

When I was pregnant, Bob and I had all sorts of discussions and daydreams about what Little Elvis would be like and who he would look like.

We both decided that he would most likely have to wear glasses and get braces, since we both experienced bad eyesight and crooked teeth as kids. (The jury is still out on this one, but I so hope we are wrong!)

We also talked eye color. I figured he would have dark brown eyes like his Daddy. Bob wanted him to inherit my hazel eyes.

I was right about that one. Look at those beautiful dark brown eyes. His eyes started turning brown when he was about 3 months old.

Then we moved to the topic of hair. Despite all the old wive's tales about heartburn being related to a full head of hair, we figured we would have a bald baby on our hands.
This was fine with us. I liked his little cueball head. My nose didn't get tickled everytime I went in for a kiss, and he didn't seem to mind when we rubbed his head for luck. And Little Elvis is wonderful about wearing hats!

Even though we figured he would be bald at first, we debated the color of the hair once it began growing.

I distinctly remember making the comment to my dark-haired hubby that we wouldn't have a blond, curly-headed baby. It's not that I -- a person with stick straight, brown hair -- think blond, curly hair is bad. I just didn't see how it was possible.

Who knew our little boy would end up growing golden, wispy curls in the back? I tried to capture them in all their sweet ringleted glory...
...but he's a whole lot faster than my camera. You can kind of see the little curls in the back in these pics. His hair doesn't curl on top or in the front, but he gets the sweetest little ringlets in the back.

At least he does until I start playing with them. I'm not used to curls and I can't leave his alone! I like to boing them and fluff them. I've been known to make them frizzy.

Anyway, I will admit that I was wrong. We do have a blondish, curly-headed baby. And I wouldn't want him any other way.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Sweets for my sweet

Sometimes I say, "Little Elvis, there is no way that you can get any cuter. There just isn't. It's not possible."
My little boy sure does love to prove me wrong. Here a very happy boy is showing off his first sucker.

Little Elvis loved dumping all of the candy out our very full (only 10 trick-or-treaters!) candy bowl and then putting 5 or 6 pieces back in it. He usually stopped when he landed on a pineapple sucker. Since it was clear, I decided, "What the hey?"
Definitely worth it.
Here is a collection of items needed to go outside -- all assembled by an impatient Little Elvis while I wasted time cooking. There's his jacket, a pillow, my purse, his diaper bag and a shoe.
Once I removed the pillow -- which I think was just placed there for decoration -- I found my pair of shoes and two more of his! After all of that work, I just had to take him outside.
His love of cars continues to grow. And he's really getting into lining them up. You can see his new pink convertible in the front.

We went to a children's flea market last weekend. Family trips to baby sales may soon be a thing of the past. He wanted to play with EVERYTHING! One little girl tried to sell me a big Barbie van that Little Elvis was trying to tear apart, but I managed to pull him away before getting stuck with that monstrosity.

Then Bob took him to a Girl Scout booth at the back. Bob says Little Elvis spotted the convertible immediately but another child was playing with it. Our son eyed his prize until the other boy got tired of it, then pounced!

I think it was love at first sight. This little pink Polly Pocket convertible has doors that open, a steering wheel that moves, zebra striped carseats (that flip and change to stars with Ps in them!) and stickers of food all over it. There's a slice of pizza by the steering wheel, and two bags of fries on the trunk. Oh, and the trunk used to open. But, um, well, he IS a little boy.

Unlike the big red Clifford dog, this relationship has already lasted for 5 days. It goes with us just about everywhere. He's even tried to cuddle with it.

Santa is now on a search for a stuffed car.