Thursday, January 29, 2009

Investigating the white stuff

"What is this stuff?"
"I need to get this stuff off of the car..."

"It's sticking to my hand!"

A couple walking their dog spotted Little Elvis' rosy cheeks from across the street and had to shout to us about how cute he was. We had to agree.
Please be thinking about us this weekend and next Monday. Lots of big changes are in store and while I'm trying to be very hopeful and positive, I sometimes worry....

Monday, January 26, 2009

Beyonce and cell phones

Little Elvis was sick over the weekend. I went in to check on him on Saturday evening, and noticed a bad smell. Poor baby was sick most of the night and some on Sunday. He's still tired today, but is eating some and managing to keep it down.

He was such a sweet boy through all of it. Once, after I cleaned him off after getting sick, he ran to his playroom to do his little jig with his cars.

While he was sweet most of the time on Sunday, he did lose his patience with me once.

I had the audacity to vacuum all of the rooms in the house instead of just our bedroom. Little Elvis did not want me vacuuming. He was so mad, that he grabbed my cell phone, hid behind a chair and called Bob!

Little Elvis will do this. He has figured out how to call the last person I dialed. He called Bob twice and my mom once on Sunday.

Not only is he calling Daddy when Mommy upsets him, he's also become much more demanding with the television.

On Saturday morning, Bob and Little Elvis were watching Disney. Bob went into the kitchen to get something and Little Elvis flicked through the channels until he found this video of Beyonce. Right after it ended, a commercial for some exercise video came on, and the women were wearing skimpy exercise outfits.

Little Elvis is quite a fan of skimpy outfits on pretty women. He was very vocal with his protests when Bob put Handy Manny back on.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Does French's mustard need a spokesman?

Little Elvis is a picky eater. It might be surprising to find out that his current favorite food is mustard.
Any time that I don't put the refrigerator lock on, he will open up the fridge and root around until he finds that yellow bottle. He will then yank on the top with his teeth until all that tart, mustard-y goodness comes out.
"There's no such thing as too much mustard, Mommy!"
He got in and out of the fridge without me knowing the other day. I walked out of the kitchen to find him, the table and the floor dotted with mustard.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New hair treatment

Little Elvis always does super cute things. But the other night, he was especially animated.
He's been covering his ears for the past few days. I think he likes the way his voice sounds when he does this.
When you couple the covering of the ears with yogurt-y hands, it's apparently that much more fun.
He's quick. He kept putting his somewhat empty yogurt bowl on his head, but when I grabbed the camera he dropped it.
I have some proof, though. This is what yogurt does to clean hair.
(I know it's cold, but as you can see, he's messy. I had the space heater pointed in his direction to help keep him warm.)

Monday, January 19, 2009

It's snowing!

It started snowing this morning! So, I bundled Little Elvis up in his snow suit and new snow boots for some fun in the snow.
My pictures don't do them justice, but there were lots of little white flakes floating down.

Little Elvis loved his snow boots and wanted me to put them back on him after I took off the rest of his snow gear.

I think he had fun.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Waitin' for Better Weather Blues

It's cold here. Very cold. I know it's much worse in Canada, just ask Laura!

But no matter how much I bundle up, it's still a shock to my system whenever I walk outside. Today it was in the teens and windy.

Little Elvis SO wanted to play outside, but we tried that yesterday when it was in the 20s and his little nose ran most of the night. Despite the fact that his little nose and cheeks were the color of Dorothy's slippers, he cried and cried when I brought him in. We called my mom and then turned on Elmo to cheer him up.

I didn't write that much this week, because Bob has been out of town. While Little Elvis and I (ok, just me) shivered, he was all warm and toasty in Phoenix. I think it was in the 70s most days!

While Little Elvis slept, I did some computer "chores" that I'd been putting off.

Like, editing a new music video for one of Bob's weather songs!

This is one of my favorite songs on the CD, so I cast one of my favorite toys from my childhood. Wonder what that says about me?

My mom saved almost all of my toys from my childhood, and they are so great for these videos.

We have more videos on the way! But I need it to snow first.

Please let us know what you think of this one. I think it turned out really well.

Monday, January 12, 2009

It's Potty Time! The trilogy

Essay -- The Naked Sitting Chair

The potty has become an interesting part of Little Elvis' nighttime routine. We have managed to get him to sit on the chair, sans diaper, for several minutes at a time by reading and re-reading his favorite books -- this week it's "Happy Easter Clifford!"

He will not go, though. He patiently waits through several retellings of his stories, and will only pee once we put him into the bathtub. I've started putting the "bucket" portion of his potty under the stream, which he tolerates.

Bob and I joke that he doesn't really see the potty as anything other than his naked reading chair. At least we're getting him to sit on it most nights.

The Fable -- Cheapy diapers plus no diaper bag equals big trouble

Since we want to encourage potty training, we've switched to the cheapy diapers at Wal-Mart -- still doing the Huggies at night, though.

Things were going pretty well, until last week. Little Elvis opened up one side of his diaper while I was dressing him. I restuck it and bundled us up for a trip to the mall.

This was going to be a new experience for both of us, because I decided not to bring the diaper bag in. It's enough of a hassle keeping up with our coats. (Know where this is going?)

We hit the big play area first, and after a few minutes he started grabbing at his crotch. I figured he was telling me that he was going to the bathroom, and congratulated him on recognizing this fact.

His diaper didn't seem to have anything in it, so we headed down to the train table at Barnes and Noble. He was the only one there and was having a pretty nice time. Just as other kids started to arrive, he began grabbing at his crotch again.

I looked, and his little overalls were soaked. His diaper? It was wrapped around an ankle -- because his ankle sweat has ALWAYS been such a problem.

There was a diaper in my purse. (I'm so prepared...) We rush into the bathroom and I change him into his dry diaper. Since I didn't have the diaper bag, I didn't have a change of clothes. I left his wet, cold overalls unbuttoned and we raced back through the mall so I could get us home and into dry clothes. (My shirt got soaked when I carried him into the bathroom.)

The moral? Do not refasten the Wal-Mart cheapy diapers, or take the diaper bag with me next time.

The "Funny" Quip -- Potty humor

The potty humor has already begun. And it's quite possibly our fault.

Little Elvis sometimes toots at the dinner table. This makes his parents giggle like 5th graders. And our son likes an audience.

He now says "Toot!" when he poots and starts giggling. And that makes his juvenile parents laugh even harder, which gives him that much more incentive.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mom's body shop

It didn't take me as long to fix Lightning as I thought it would!

I forgot to take a before photo, but trust me, it was awful. You could see the stuffing in at least 4 different places and frayed edgest all around his windows. Little Elvis must have noticed the rips too, because he wasn't playing with Lightning very much.

But after an hour at Mom's Auto Body, both Little Elvis and his car were ready and raring to go.
My car!

Since we weren't sure if I could fix Lightning (and I'm still not sure it will last!) we bought a replacement. We found a velvety-type fabric pillow/blanket combo at Wal-Mart.
Little Elvis is suspicious of the new car, especially since his first one looks so much better.
My aunt made him this super-cool fleece Cars blanket for Christmas. So, I think I'll use this new fleece blanket to make him something else. Any ideas?

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Maybe Santa isn't so bad...

Remember Little Elvis' aversion to Santa?

He may not like the chubby, white-haired dude, but he does like the old elf's taste in presents. So much so, that he didn't really want any of his other presents.

Now, while Santa did a great job selecting the type of toy, his selection of fabric was not so hot.

For the first 3-4 days, that car went everywhere with Little Elvis. It slept with him, ate with him, played in the leaves with him,... you get the idea. Now, he's mainly a sleep toy.

Lightning started showing signs of wear on the first day. But after Little Elvis got sick on him, and he had to take a spin in the washer and a tumble in the dryer, he looks awful. My mom suggested hand-sewing braiding at every seam.

I don't mind the hand-sewing bit, but I'm a little concerned about getting Lightning alone. Think I'll have to sneak in and get him in the evenings.

The parachute-type fabric didn't set off any red-flags for me, but then he was the only option we found. We're already scouring around for a replacement in a different fabric.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Don't worry

Today Little Elvis had an appointment with a speech therapist. We've been concerned about his speech for a while now and the doctor recommended we set up an evaluation a couple of months ago.

Mommy's favorite Christmas present!

I know some might think he's a little young for me to be worried over his speech. At first, I was the only one concerned. I kept reading about all of the things he should be doing at certain ages. I would get so frustrated by those. Because they would set out these age ranges and then stick a sentence at the bottom saying not to worry if your child isn't doing that, because each child is different.

"Yeah, I got a car. Now I just need my license."

If each child is different, then why post those age ranges. Multiple searches on the matter also left me confused and upset. Then Bob started to agree with me. It's never a good sign when he agrees with one of my crazy tangents.

"Food is just better when it's in my hair, ok?"

It didn't help matters that my son is fairly tall for his age. I would see all these other little boys that were his size that were using two word sentences and using several words. It wasn't until after I set up our appointment that I realized those boys were all 10-12 months older than he was.

I've also got some family members who had speech delays.

He was doing the cutest head resting on hand pose, but I just couldn't catch it.

But we went into today's appointment with a whole fistful of new words, and an upbeat attitude on my part. I felt fairly certain things would be ok.

It was so nice to hear something other than, "Don't worry," or "He'll develop at his own pace," or "All kids are different," or "He's a boy."

Instead I got some good advice to help him continue learning new words and sounds -- and a little weird advice about staying away from letters, numbers and colors. Bob and I will discuss that this evening.

It will be a happy meal, which I'm sure my little angel will not eat. But, hey, I need something new to worry about anyway, right?

Sunday, January 04, 2009

He's a cutie

We took more than 90 pictures over the Christmas holidays and I haven't even begun to look at the video. Little Elvis likes all 50s and 60s musical artists. Here he does his best Jerry Lee Lewis. (You should see his Jimi Hendrix -- he tried to lick our neighbor's guitar the other day. Yeah, lick it.)
He fell in love with a little ornament of my mom's that was shaped like a house. He was playing hide-the-house with Coachpa (I mean, T!)

Gram had to be the one hiding this go round. Oh, how Little Elvis loves peek-a-boo.
This is just to honor Bob's hair. My dad shaved all of my husband's hair off during our visit. I told him to use the 1-inch clippers, but like I know what I'm talking about. It was too long, but we missed the happy medium and now it's really short.

And I realize that it's the middle of winter, and my son is wearing just a diaper. You wouldn't believe all the cute clothes he has, but I guess he's just cuter without them...

"What do you mean it's past my bedtime? If you get to stay up playing cards, then I want to, too!"
"Mommy got these neat socks for Christmas, but I think they look better on me."

"Her legs aren't as cute as mine!"

At least he's got on a shirt and socks this go round.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Mr. T

Shortly after Little Elvis was born, my parents picked out the names they would like to be called. My Dad (former coach) picked Coachpa, and my mom picked Gram.

Bob and I were excited to see which names Little Elvis would really use at Christmas this year.

My dad's "name" actually makes sense, but it also makes us laugh. See, my dad is the athletic director at my former high school. As such, most of his clothes (shirts, hats, coats, etc.) have a big "T" on them.

Little Elvis likes the letter "T" and would often point it out on his Coachpa. Last week, we pointed at my dad and said, "Who's that?"

Little Elvis looked up at him and said, "tuh!" After we finished laughing, we acknowledged that he was indeed, right. Little Elvis has done this repeatedly since. So for the moment, my dad is "Tuh."

When we ask about my mom, he will just smile shyly and point at her, although he did run through the house yelling "Duh-duh!" at her the other day.

He's finally started really talking the past few days and we couldn't be more excited. We love all the cute things he says and does now -- like arguing with Daddy that a six is a nine.