Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Don't worry

Today Little Elvis had an appointment with a speech therapist. We've been concerned about his speech for a while now and the doctor recommended we set up an evaluation a couple of months ago.

Mommy's favorite Christmas present!

I know some might think he's a little young for me to be worried over his speech. At first, I was the only one concerned. I kept reading about all of the things he should be doing at certain ages. I would get so frustrated by those. Because they would set out these age ranges and then stick a sentence at the bottom saying not to worry if your child isn't doing that, because each child is different.

"Yeah, I got a car. Now I just need my license."

If each child is different, then why post those age ranges. Multiple searches on the matter also left me confused and upset. Then Bob started to agree with me. It's never a good sign when he agrees with one of my crazy tangents.

"Food is just better when it's in my hair, ok?"

It didn't help matters that my son is fairly tall for his age. I would see all these other little boys that were his size that were using two word sentences and using several words. It wasn't until after I set up our appointment that I realized those boys were all 10-12 months older than he was.

I've also got some family members who had speech delays.

He was doing the cutest head resting on hand pose, but I just couldn't catch it.

But we went into today's appointment with a whole fistful of new words, and an upbeat attitude on my part. I felt fairly certain things would be ok.

It was so nice to hear something other than, "Don't worry," or "He'll develop at his own pace," or "All kids are different," or "He's a boy."

Instead I got some good advice to help him continue learning new words and sounds -- and a little weird advice about staying away from letters, numbers and colors. Bob and I will discuss that this evening.

It will be a happy meal, which I'm sure my little angel will not eat. But, hey, I need something new to worry about anyway, right?


Blogger Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

I am so glad that they gave you positive actions to move his speech forward. It is hard when something is niggling at you like that. I do have to say that 2 of my boys did not say much of anything until 2 and they ended up with no delays. I was told not to worry either and it was fine. But on the other hand, it is way nicer to have something to do about it and the earlier speech issues are treated, the better. Good luck!

5:49 PM  
Blogger mpotter said...

i sooooooooo know what you mean about those bullet points and "not to worry".
in the AAP book, it even says point blank to talk to your doctor if *these* haven't yet been met.
but then dr. says all the same stuff about different paces and such.

and ditto about bob being worried. i know i should worry when The Mr. begins to. (but right now, i'm not worried about anything anymore)

in any case, i'm glad you feel better about things you can do for elvis. i hope it works. and i've noticed your saying he has a couple of new words... so that's of course a great step!

10:24 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

Glad your worries were put to rest. I am a bit worried about my Madigan...and may get her tested too... I had a terrible speech issue and went for years of speech classes - and I see some of my old patterns with Madigan...we shall see.

Glad you can rest assured, and just keep helping him learn at his own pace. YOU ARE AN AWESOME MOMMY!

10:48 AM  
Blogger Stacey said...

I don't know how I stumbled upon your blog, but had to leave a comment. My boy was pretty much silent, (except for babbling) up until 20 months, now he has over 100 word shapes (bah = ball) and has recently started using 2 word phrases and imitating us more readily. He's been in speech therapy since 17 months, which we both love, but I truly think he's doing all this new talking on his own. But having the speech therapist around puts my mind at ease! Good luck! Stacey

1:27 PM  
Blogger lisa said...

I know what you mean about worrying. With our little one, the issue was eating and growing. At first I was worried and took him every month for a weight check. Eventually we got sent to a specialist, but now I just don’t want to go anymore. I don’t know if it has really worked or not. I guess really the main thing I have learned is to trust your gut. I just know he is fine. My husband and I are both on the short side, and I am sure that my son is the same way. If you think that it is the right thing to do, then it probably is.

Since our little ones are only a week apart, I just thought that I would tell you that our son doesn’t know a lot of words either. I really think the problem is that HE knows what he is saying, but I just can’t figure it out :)! I would love to hear why you should stay away from numbers, letters, and colors. I thought colors was the next big thing.

11:32 PM  
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