Monday, January 12, 2009

It's Potty Time! The trilogy

Essay -- The Naked Sitting Chair

The potty has become an interesting part of Little Elvis' nighttime routine. We have managed to get him to sit on the chair, sans diaper, for several minutes at a time by reading and re-reading his favorite books -- this week it's "Happy Easter Clifford!"

He will not go, though. He patiently waits through several retellings of his stories, and will only pee once we put him into the bathtub. I've started putting the "bucket" portion of his potty under the stream, which he tolerates.

Bob and I joke that he doesn't really see the potty as anything other than his naked reading chair. At least we're getting him to sit on it most nights.

The Fable -- Cheapy diapers plus no diaper bag equals big trouble

Since we want to encourage potty training, we've switched to the cheapy diapers at Wal-Mart -- still doing the Huggies at night, though.

Things were going pretty well, until last week. Little Elvis opened up one side of his diaper while I was dressing him. I restuck it and bundled us up for a trip to the mall.

This was going to be a new experience for both of us, because I decided not to bring the diaper bag in. It's enough of a hassle keeping up with our coats. (Know where this is going?)

We hit the big play area first, and after a few minutes he started grabbing at his crotch. I figured he was telling me that he was going to the bathroom, and congratulated him on recognizing this fact.

His diaper didn't seem to have anything in it, so we headed down to the train table at Barnes and Noble. He was the only one there and was having a pretty nice time. Just as other kids started to arrive, he began grabbing at his crotch again.

I looked, and his little overalls were soaked. His diaper? It was wrapped around an ankle -- because his ankle sweat has ALWAYS been such a problem.

There was a diaper in my purse. (I'm so prepared...) We rush into the bathroom and I change him into his dry diaper. Since I didn't have the diaper bag, I didn't have a change of clothes. I left his wet, cold overalls unbuttoned and we raced back through the mall so I could get us home and into dry clothes. (My shirt got soaked when I carried him into the bathroom.)

The moral? Do not refasten the Wal-Mart cheapy diapers, or take the diaper bag with me next time.

The "Funny" Quip -- Potty humor

The potty humor has already begun. And it's quite possibly our fault.

Little Elvis sometimes toots at the dinner table. This makes his parents giggle like 5th graders. And our son likes an audience.

He now says "Toot!" when he poots and starts giggling. And that makes his juvenile parents laugh even harder, which gives him that much more incentive.


Blogger lisa said...

This might help with the potty training. Try to get him to the potty first thing after he wakes up. This does work, if you can get there quick enough, but usually I’m not the first one up!

12:39 AM  
Blogger mpotter said...

good luck w/ the potty training!
i dread it. and am very glad i have a girl! i can't even imagine...

and we frequently leave w/o the diaper bag. b/c more often than not, we're coming right home.
of course those are the times she makes a dirty diaper and she has to sit in it till we come home.
yeah. we're awesome!

4:12 PM  
Blogger MIP said...

We have tried cheapy diapers before and have always been burned by them. Unfortunately you do apparently get what you pay for. Our guy will only pee when we hold the bucket part of that potty for him too, must be a design thing.

12:04 PM  
Blogger Kristi said...

At least he'll sit on the potty. Isabella used to love to sit on it, and then we got serious about potty training. Now it's her mortal enemy and she won't even get near it.

I've so been there with the in-public diaper issues. Poor LE, and poor you!

And toddler tooting IS hilarious.

6:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had to laugh out loud at your "tooting" story. Ours is worse. On the upside, Svara will say "excuse me" when she toots. She says it as "ee me". On the other side, she will also say "pew, Svara farted!" it comes out as "pew, Wawa ahted!" I can thank my husband for that one.

9:43 AM  
Anonymous JulieLegg said...

PP -

Don't sweat the potty training. One day it will just happen. D has only just started being interested and he is 6 months older than LE. And 2 is VERY early for boys. Our older D trained at 3 and it happened over a 3 day period - just all at once. Keep the potty around and he will get it. Also, potty humor seems to be universal. D's favorite saying now is "poop log" which he learned from his darling older brother. He screams it with abandon at the worst possible moments and then laughs with delight. I simply roll my eyes and think that this too shall pass.


11:23 PM  

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